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Australia and New Zealand, Find a Grave® Index, 1800s-Current11,538,007
Australia and New Zealand,™ Obituary Index, 1800s-current5,739,918
New Zealand, Cemetery Records, 1800-20072,311,609
Australia and New Zealand, Obituary Index, 2004-Current2,268,692
New Zealand, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1840-19021,946,022
New Zealand, Civil Registration Death Index, 1840-19721,354,473
New Zealand, Birth Index, 1840-19501,228,209
New Zealand, Death Index, 1848-19661,149,182
New Zealand, Marriage Index, 1840-1937974,268
Web: Global, Gravestone Photograph Index, 1265-2014876,327
Australia and New Zealand,™ Marriage Index, 1800s-current870,236
New Zealand, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1840- 1901286,218
New Zealand, Notices of Deceased Estates, 1880-195083,202
New Zealand, Civil Registration Stillbirth Index, 1901-194273,925
New Zealand, Who's Who in New Zealand and the Western Pacific, 1908, 1925, 19389,537

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