Source Information New Zealand, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1840- 1901 [database on-line]. Leht, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2023.
Original data: New Zealand, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1840- 1901. New Zealand, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1840- 1901.

About New Zealand, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1840- 1901

About the Civil Registration, Marriage Index, New Zealand, 1840-1901

General collection information

This collection contains an index of marriage records from New Zealand between 1840 and 1901. Per New Zealand law, marriage records are accessible to the public 80 years after the event occurred.

Using this collection

Records in the collection may contain the following:

  • Names of both partners
  • Marriage year
  • Marriage registration number
  • Please note that this collection does not contain specific dates or places, however, it contains excellent clues to help your research. In addition to an approximate marriage date, each file lists a marriage registration that correlates to a record. Full marriage records will contain more details.

    If your family is Māori, it's likely their records won't be found here unless they were married after 1911. Māori communities were not required to register marriages with the government before this period. Oral traditions are of great importance in Māori culture and history and many chose to follow tradition rather than government registration. However, mixed marriages between Māori and Pākehā (European settlers) existed and these marriages may have been registered before 1911.

    Collection in context

    Although part of Aotearoa New Zealand was contained within the geographical zone claimed by the British when they colonised New South Wales in 1788, it was not of significant interest for several years. Sealers and whalers established camps along the shorelines, and communities of Māori and Europeans (often called Pākehā) developed in some coastal areas. In the 1830s, the British Colonial Office established their first official presence, and in 1841, New Zealand split from New South Wales and became a separate crown colony.

    As a British colony, civil registration was widely based on the British civil registration system, which was introduced in 1837. New Zealand civil registration was introduced in 1848, when all births and deaths were required to be reported to the Registrar-General. Marriage registries were required beginning in 1854. However, the civil registration system was not standardised until 1856. Due to parish registers, some earlier marriages may also be recorded.

    Beginning in 1911, Māori marriages were recorded in a separate register. This institutionalized practice of keeping Māori and Pākehā registers separate continued until the 1960s.


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