Source Information Queensland, Australia, Gregson and Weight Funeral Records, 1972-2010 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2020.
Original data: Caloundra Family History Research Inc.. Index to Funeral Records, 1972-2010. Caloundra, Queensland, Australia.

About Queensland, Australia, Gregson and Weight Funeral Records, 1972-2010

This collection contains an index to funeral records in Queensland, Australia. The following research tips have been provided by the Caloundra Family History Research Inc. Group:

"This is an index to the funeral records of prominent Sunshine Coast funeral directors Gregson & Weight...The index contains approximately 20,000 entries. It is imperative to note that the records have been 'transcribed' and not 'translated' with due care and attention taken to preserve the accuracy of each entry. Some names appear to have been misspelt, but the index entry is 'as written' in the register.

Note should be taken of the following peculiarities:

1. Names, ages and dates have been transcribed as they were recorded in the Gregson & Weight records.

2. The apostrophe has NT been included in the Surname Column so names such as O’Sullivan are shown as OSULLIVAN.

3. Surnames beginning with Mac or MC will be found alphabetically in the ‘M’ section.

4. A list of Hyphenated / Double-Barrelled Names appears at Appendix 2 – these have not always been correctly recorded in the Tables.

5. Where no information was provided for a particular cell, NULL is entered to indicate that the expected entry was not simply missed.

6. References: The reference given is the number used by Gregson & Weight to identify individual records. The numbering system changed in about 1999 from a numerical sequence to a four-digit number with an identifying letter viz. C- Caloundra, M – Maroochydore or N – Nambour to indicate at which branch the funeral was performed. A reference of FC means first call and is a funeral industry reference.

7. Keep searching the document until the 'search' function ends, as there may be further references later in the document viz. 5&6 above. In addition, companies & neighbours made payments for others; plus a) some company names were abbreviated to initials only b) to check all possible spelling variations.

8. No Shire or Government departments have been included unless it was felt it added to the social history of the period.

9. Churches have been included for that reason.

10. In some cases, Company names have been invluded for the same reason.

11. Banks, except 'Agricultural Bank', have not been included unless 'Manager' was included in the register entry.

12. Entries for 'Queensland Trustees' and 'Public Curator' have NOT been inluded, unless they refer to a family name.

13. The index does not contain a reference to the location of the property on which rates were paid. Some of the registers held at Qld State Archives do contain a reference to the individual rate book numbers which may help further research.

Taken from "Introduction", Index to Funeral Records, 1972-2010 (electronic resource). Caloundra Family History Research Inc.