Source Information Victoria, Australia, Divorce Records, 1860-1940 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations Inc., 2017.
Original data:

Divorce Case Files, 1860-1940. VPRS 283 (Supreme Court of Victoria Divorce Files) and VPRS 552 (Ballarat Divorce Case Files). Public Record Office Victoria, North Melbourne, Victoria.

About Victoria, Australia, Divorce Records, 1860-1940

This collection is comprised of divorce records from the state of Victoria in south-eastern Australia. From the Public Record Office Victoria website on this collection:

“The case file will contain a number of documents that might include:

  • the petition stating the grievance
  • affidavits (or supporting statements) by the petitioner
  • a formal answer by the respondent and any co-respondents (in cases of adultery, both parties to the adultery were summoned)
  • further affidavits in support of that answer
  • orders by the court directing who is to pay for the costs of the case
  • a praecipe, which is an order to the clerks of the Court to produce a writ containing the formal decree made by the justice. The praecipe will often have a summary of the decision

Note that not all cases were heard. Sometimes they were withdrawn before the hearing or otherwise settled.”

“Divorce files and cause books.” Public Record Office Victoria. 9 April 2019,