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Wellcome Library UK, The Midwives Roll, 1904-1959 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2016.
Original data: Midwives Roll. Wellcome Library, London, England.

About UK, The Midwives Roll, 1904-1959

The first Midwives Act of 1902 came into force in 1903 which heralded the establishment of the Central Midwives Board for England and Wales. The Central Midwives Board was responsible for the regulation of the certification and examination of midwives, admission to the Roll of Midwives and annual publication of the Roll and regulation of the practice of midwives.

Local supervisory bodies were responsible for investigating cases of malpractice and negligence, discipline of midwives, and for supplying the secretary of the Central Midwives Board with the names and addresses of all midwives in their area who had notified them of their intention to practice. These notifications were then compiled by the Central Midwives Board to form the Midwives Roll.

Records include details of the individual's name, address and date of enrollment.