Source Information New Zealand, Maori Land Claims, 1858-1980 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc.
Original data:

  • “New Zealand, Māori Land Claims, 1855–1955,” Anne Bromell Collection. Microfilm publication, 3 fiche. Auckland: BAB Microfilming.
  • “Māori Land Claims.” Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives (AJHR), 1858–1980. New Zealand.

About New Zealand, Maori Land Claims, 1858-1980

As recorded by the New Zealand Parliament, this index contains Māori claims made for land from 1858 to 1980. Information listed includes claimant (person, group, or tribe), year of claim, description of claim, and additional notes. This database is not a comprehensive list of all Māori claims to the New Zealand Parliament for land. Only the petitions that were tabled are included. All claims or reports of claims by Māoris for land or land loss compensation are included, but no Pakeha (European) claims for Māori land are included. Petitions requesting changes to the Native Lands Act, those asking for an increase in rent, or those correspondences negotiating a land sale are also not included.

Information in this index :

  • Claimant (person, group, or tribe)
  • Year of Claim
  • Description of Claim
  • Additional Notes

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