Source Information New Zealand, Jury Lists, 1842-1862 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc.
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New Zealand Jury Lists, 1842–1862. Microfilm publication, 5 fiche. BAB Microfilming. Auckland, New Zealand.

About New Zealand, Jury Lists, 1842-1862

During this time period every male British subject between the ages of 21 and 60 years old who resided in New Zealand was qualified to serve as a juror. This collection contains an index of these individuals from 1842 through 1862. Māori could also be qualified to serve as a juror for the trial of any case in which property of a New Zealand Māori might be affected. At the beginning of the year the police magistrate in every district or county was required to prepare a list of individuals who were qualified to serve as jurors, and to publish a copy of the list in one or more of the county or district newspapers.

The jury lists were compiled from newspapers and do not necessarily represent a complete list of all persons who served as jurors in New Zealand from 1842 to 1863. The lists are organized by locality or province and year.

From 1841 until 1876, the provinces of New Zealand were a form of sub-national government. The original six were Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, Nelson, Canterbury, and Otago, though in 1858 New Plymouth was renamed Taranaki. The provinces were replaced on 1 December 1876 by counties and boroughs. On 1 November 1989, New Zealand's local bodies underwent a major reorganisation. Although some present-day regions share the same names as the original provinces, it is important to note that the provincial districts had different boundaries from the present day regions.

Information in this index

  • Juror name
  • Residence
  • Trade or calling

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