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JewishGen Hungarian Special Interest Group, comp. Hungary, Jewish Census and Tolerance Tax Records, 1780-1880 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Original data: Various Hungarian censuses. Magyar Országos Levéltár (Hungarian National Archives). Database transcribed from paper and microfilm copies of original records. Microfilm records available from the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. Specific source information is provided with each record. This data is provided in partnership with

About Hungary, Jewish Census and Tolerance Tax Records, 1780-1880

Historical background:

A number of major censuses were conducted by the Kingdom of Hungary and the Austrian Empire, including the "Vagyonösszeirás - 1828" (1828 Landowner census), the "Conscriptio Judaerum 1848" (1848 Census of the Jews), and the 1869 Hungarian census.

Other local census, tax lists and household lists were created in the Kingdom of Hungary. Most of these “Conscriptio Judaerum” lists provided the data for calculating the notorious “Tolerance Tax” that was levied against the Jewish communities throughout Hungary. Beginning in 1747, during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa (1740-1780), the Jews were heavily taxed for the privilege of remaining in the empire, and were threatened with expulsion if they did not pay. While the formula for calculating the taxes seems to have varied over time and location, it appears that size of household, occupation, and income-producing assets were taken into consideration.

About the Records:

Because these records were created in different parts of the Austrian Empire over many decades, the information varies by year and location. At a minimum the records include the given names and surname of the head of household. They often also indicate whether the household included a father, mother, widow, the number of sons and/or daughters, and also sometimes the presence of other blood relatives and servants.

Sometimes additional information was included, such as occupation, birthplace, and income producing assets such as livestock, farm land, gardens, and vineyards. For tax lists, the tax assessment of each household was shown, oftentimes with an indication of the status and condition of the household (whether poor, vagrants, or servants), and sometimes with further comments. Column headings for the different types of lists varied depending on the purpose, time and place of the list.

About the Database:

This database contains an index to these "other" censuses covering various years and counties. See the bottom of this description for a list of censuses currently included in the database.

It is important to note that this database is intended to be an index of available records, and therefore only some of the data in the original record may be included. Searchers should also be aware that the data is transcribed as written, and thus unexpected or erroneous spelling of names and towns may be due to the spelling in the original records. Researchers are encouraged to verify entries by reviewing the original data themselves. If transcription errors are found, please notify the coordinator so corrections can be made to the index database.

The database includes the following fields:

  • Page Number: These are handwritten numbers that appear to have been added to the record books many years after the original data was recorded

  • Record Number: This is the entry number recorded with each name listed on the original census. If the field is blank, it is an indication that there was no record/entry number in the original census. This record number should not be confused with house number

  • Name: First Name (Given Name) and Last Name (Surname)

  • Relationship: The relationship between the head of the household and the individual listed. This field is generally left blank in head-of-household-only census records

  • Town: This town is the town of residence listed on the census

  • District: The járás (district) of the town

  • County: The megye (county) of the town

  • Year: The year the census took place

  • Comments: This field is used to list other available information that the transcriber chose to transcribe, for example the presence of other family members, occupation, birth date or birthplace.

  • Reference: The reference to the source of the data such as the specific reference at the Hungarian National Archives or the LDS microfilm number.

As a general rule, the transcribers did not include diacritical marks for place names, surnames and given names.

Records in the Database:

The database currently contains 39,000 records in the following counties:

1850 Nameszto and Trstena járás Lists

1781 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 42 entries
1782 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 245 entries

1781 Tolerance Tax / Conscriptio Judaeorum: 103 entries
1794 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 53 entries
1808 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 92 entries
1818 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 96 entries
1822 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 131 entries
1831/2 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 142 entries

Names from Sighet Census Lists - 1728, 1768, 1818, 1830

Kretchinev - 1830

1781 Tolerance Tax: 416 entries
1782 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 437 entries
1779/80 Tolerance Tax: 412 entries
1794 Tolerance Tax: 146 entries
1795 Tolerance Tax: 598 entries
1818 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 1,120 entries
1820/21 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 291 entries
1821 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 110 entries
1821/22 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 877 entries
1822 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 50 entries

1778/81 Tolerance Tax: 73 entries
1782 Enumeration of the Jews: 1,000 entries
1792 Tolerance Tax: 413 entries
1795 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 227 entries
1801 Tolerance Tax: 258 entries
1808 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 354 entries
1817 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 303 entries
1821 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 432 entries
1830/31 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 313 entries
1835 Tolerance Tax: 571 entries
1838 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 310 entries
1839 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 122 entries
1840 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 199 entries
1842 Conscriptio Judaeorum & Tolerance Tax: 734 entries
1844 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 317 entries
1846 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 444 entries

1781 Tolerance Tax: 193 entries
1782 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 223 entries
1794 Liquidatio ‘Tolerance Tax’: 751 entries
1795 Tolerance Tax: 507 entries
1801 Tolerance Tax: 48 entries
1802 Tolerance Tax: 287 entries
1821 Tolerance Tax: 136 entries
1818/19 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 185 entries
1819/20 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 96 entries
1820/21 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 168 entries
1829 Tolerance Tax: 80 entries
1830 Tolerance Tax: 49 entries
1833 Tolerance Tax: 65 entries
1838 Tolerance Tax: 56 entries
1839 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 78 entries
1840 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 131 entries

1781 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 1,390 entries
1796 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 414 entries
1819/20 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 695 entries
1830/31 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 523 entries
1831/32 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 413 entries
1832 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 245 entries

Pre-1894 Bokony List: 246 entries

1782 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 53 entries
1786/77 Tolerance Tax: 50 entries
1787/78 Tolerance Tax: 44 entries
1787/92 Tolerance Tax: 29 entries
1788/89 Tolerance Tax: 42 entries
1789/90 Tolerance Tax: 37 entries
1790/91 Tolerance Tax: 35 entries
1791/92 Tolerance Tax: 33 entries
1792/93 Tolerance Tax: 31 entries
1793/94 Tolerance Tax: 31 entries
1794/95 Tolerance Tax: 28 entries
1808 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 311 entries
1816/17 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 224 entries
1820/21 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 222 entries
1825 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 197 entries
1829 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 222 entries
1829/30 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 42 entries
1830/31 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 468 entries
1831/32 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 121 entries
1832 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 142 entries
1833/34 Tolerance Tax: 300 entries
1834/35 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 492 entries
1835/36 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 423 entries
1835 TConscriptio Judaeorum: 206 entries
1836 Tolerance Tax: 795 entries
1838 Conscriptio Judaeorum: 881 entries

1795 — all of Trencsén County: 952 entries
1798 — Trencsén City only: 91 entries
1808 — Pucho only: 30 entries
1809 — all of Trencsén County: 1,153 entries
1814 — some portions of Trencsén County: 136 entries
1818 — all of Trencsén County (family): 1,259 entries
1818 — all of Trencsén County (financial): 1,153 entries
1819 (1820) — Bittse only: 16 entries
1821 — Trencsén City only: 97 entries
1821 — Trencsén County: 1,140 entries

1808 Homonna járás (district) List: 157 entries
1854 Galszecs járás (district) Conscriptio Judaeorum: 3,037 entries
1851 Tolcsva List: 707 entries
Jewish Names from the 1811/1812 Renters and Taxpayers Census