Source Information Hannover, Germany, Casualties in the Invasion of Russia, 1812-1813 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Original data: Heinrich Meyer. Nachweisung über 1058 bzw 908 Individuen der 1812/13 aus Rußland nicht zurückgekehrten Landeskinder. Sankt Petersburg, Rußland: 1817. Spezialbibliothek des Niedersächsischen Landesvereins für Familienkunde e.V., M 0015.

About Hannover, Germany, Casualties in the Invasion of Russia, 1812-1813

In 1812 the French invaded Russia as part of the Napoleonic Wars. This database contains lists of approximately 2,000 German soldiers from the Hannover region who died or were reported missing in action while fighting in Russia with Napoleon’s Grand Army.

The Grand Army was at its largest, with approximately 600,000 men, at the beginning of the Russian invasion. The logistical system employed by the Grand Army that had previously brought it success, did not work so well in Russia. The lack of food and water brought on starvation and illness. More soldiers were lost from these causes and their effects than from any of the battles of the invasion.

Information provided in the lists about the soldiers may include:

  • Soldier’s name

  • Regiment

  • Rank

  • Birth city or last residence

  • Information on the date, place, and other circumstances regarding their capture, disappearance, death, or fate, if known

Use of the data and images in this online database is governed by the terms and conditions of this site. Any use of these records not specifically permitted in the terms and conditions requires the permission of the Niedersachsen State Family History Society, Hannover.

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