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These records document the trials and chastisement of soldiers who have not adhered to the military's code of conduct, whether it be in treatment of the enemy or desertion. Records of military disciplinary actions range from reprimands to courts martial to execution.

Military disciplinary action records often include personal information, vital statistics, and an understanding of that soldier's military circumstances.

Soldiers usually live under strict rules of conduct, which when broken lead to swift and severe consequences. Records of military disciplinary actions range from reprimands to courts martial to execution. If your ancestor was involved in a disciplinary action, you will find details and explanations here.

Often, the disciplinary mentions are mixed in with other records, as is the case with muster rolls and the U.S. Military and Naval Academy Registers. Also included are Confederate Applications for Presidential Pardons, 1865-1867.

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  • In your searching, remember to allow for name spelling variations and that sometimes records only used one or more initials for the given names.
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  • With some record collections, the description provides instruction for how to receive additional information.
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