New Tree Viewer

Our new family tree viewer: you'll like what you see.

You wanted an easier way to view and navigate
your family tree — and we listened.

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An all new way to view your family tree.

You've created a family tree to be proud of. And you told us you wanted plenty of ways to look at what you've built. That's why we've made enhancements to our tree viewer to let you more easily see and move around between the generations of your family tree.

No matter how large your family, two new views can keep up.

We've added expandable generations in the Pedigree view so you can see more than five generations in any one line. These expanding branches give you a better overview of your whole family — you'll love seeing your 10th great-grandfather in the same tree view with you. Plus a new "printer friendly" feature makes printing from your Pedigree view a snap.

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From the big picture to the smallest detail, you can see your tree your way.

You can decide what you want to look at your tree by dragging your tree around and zooming in how you'd like. Just hold your mouse button and drag the background of your tree to move it around the screen. This helpful new feature lets you easily explore your tree - zoom in to an area for a closer look or pan around to see more.

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See more in your family tree.

We've also improved the Family view with an updated design that displays more generations in one view and is more intuitive to navigate. This enhancement lets you see your extended family, not just direct ancestors. Found a lot of ancestors on a census record? Now they'll all be easy to view. And, adding siblings, cousins and more to your tree is easier than ever.

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See all your great-great-great-great grandparents at once.

We've upgraded the tree viewer display so you can view your tree in the full width of your browser window. Now you'll be able to view more generations on your screen at once.

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What is a Pedigree view?

Pedigree view starts with one person as the "root" of the tree and shows how the generations go back from them in a linear way. This is a great way to follow bloodlines.

What is a Family view?

If you want to see a family unit, look at the Family view. It will show the grouping of a section of a family in a more encompassing way, showing people like siblings, spouses, children, cousins, aunts and uncles.