Your favourite News Limited newspaper has teamed up with to find Australians who are related to Prince William or Kate Middleton.

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Follow these simple steps to search for your royal connection:

  1. Start a family tree on by registering with a username and email address.
  2. Enter what you know about your family into your tree. The best place to start is with you, then mum and dad, and grandparents.
  3. Ask older members of the family for missing details. Ask uncles, aunts and cousins for what they know – the good and the bad.
  4. Click on the hints that appear as shaky leaves next to the names in your tree. Our automated "royal servants" will trawl though over 6 billion records to help find royal connections.
  5. As your tree grows, look for hints from other family trees, if you are lucky enough to see a hint from the "Prince William and Kate Middleton" tree, you're connected to the Royal Family!
  6. If you succeed in finding a link to Will & Kate, you can view the profile of that person in your tree by taking out the exclusive offer for News readers below or selecting one of our other membership options. You can then click on the 'view relationship to me' link to find out your formal connection to the royal couple!
  7. If you find a link with Will or Kate, be sure to let us know all the details at:

Exclusive Offer for News Readers.

UK Heritage Membership

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