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Many customers of AncestryDNA®in New Zealand and Australia are part of a community that shares a common history of emigration from Great Britain. These customers can learn not only about where their ancestors came from in Europe, but they can also learn some of the stories of their community from more recent times, after migration to New Zealand and Australia.

AncestryDNA has identified 14 communities, 10 in Australia and 4 in New Zealand, including:

  • Adelaide, South Australia British Settlers
  • Australia, Queensland British Settlers
  • Australia, New South Wales British Settlers
  • Canberra, Australian Capital Territory British Settlers
  • Central West, New South Wales British Settlers
  • Mid North Coast, New South Wales British Settlers
  • New Zealand British Settlers
  • New Zealand, North Island British Settlers
  • New Zealand, South Island British Settlers
  • New Zealand, Cook Strait British Settlers
  • Northern Tablelands, New South Wales British Settlers
  • Victoria Australia British Settlers
  • Western Australia Coast British Settlers
  • Tasmania British Settlers

AncestryDNA Communities: More About What They Are

A community is a group of AncestryDNA customers who share a common experience in the past. They either traveled to the same place at the same time or traveled from the same place around the same time. Look for Australia or New Zealand communities at the bottom of your ethnicity estimate under Additional Communities. 

AncestryDNA AU and AncestryDNA NZ Community Examples 

If your test results showed ties to the Australia, New South Wales British Settlers community, you’d be able to trace the migrations of members of your community in 25-year blocks, from the First Fleet and the beginnings of Australian settlement by the British, to the early 1900s.  


You would learn, for example, about the “gold and theatrics” of 1850-1875, when gold fever struck the Australian colonies after gold was found near Bathurst, west of Sydney, in 1851. Thousands of hopeful miners flocked to New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia to seek their fortunes, and many stayed after the end of the gold rush. As the population grew, balls to raise funds for schools and hospitals were hosted under glamorous tents. Traveling performers toured the goldfields, and Sydney enjoyed a theater boom.

If your AncestryDNA test show ties to the New Zealand British Settlers Community, you’d be able to trace the timeline of that community from the first non-Māori (‘Pākehā’) people living in New Zealand—mostly sealers and whalers—to the early 1900s. 

You’d learn, for example, about the period between 1800-1825 non-Māori explorers had visited New Zealand since the mid-eighteenth century, finding gardens with crops including kūmara(sweet potato) and uwhi(yams) that had been introduced by the Polynesians who had settled the islands centuries earlier. The first European communities in New Zealand often had strong connections to New South Wales, or came as escaped convicts or missionaries. Some of these ‘Pākehā’ lived within Māori communities, and became intermediaries between the cultures.

Learn More About Your AU/NZ Heritage

If you’re looking for DNA testing in New Zealand or Australia to learn more about your heritage, AncestryDNA can give you very detailed insights into which regions of those countries your European settler ancestors (largely British) came. 

But what is truly unique about AncestryDNA is that—thanks to the largest online consumer DNA database combined with millions of family trees—its patented Genetic CommunitiesTM technology gives you results you can’t get anywhere else. 

This means you could discover not only what regions your ancestors came from but also see how members of your community moved around, in 25-year blocks as far back as the 1700s. 

You could, for example, learn that you have genetic ties to the Australia, New South Wales British Settlers community, which has a timeline tracing to the settlement of Australia in the late 1700s. Or you could learn that you have a DNA connection to the New Zealand British Settlers Community and the beginnings of colonization in New Zealand.

Your family stories are unique. And thanks to AncestryDNA, you could discover how the journeys of your ancestors that led your family to where they are today match up with some of the most important moments in history.