April 2011
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Are you related to Will or Kate?
Additions to the American Civil War collection
Crisp's Marriage License Index
UK Royal Navy and Royal Marine War Graves Roll
Changes to Ancestry.com.au Search
Telling your family story
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This month's feature
Are you related to Will or Kate?
In anticipation of the Royal Wedding later this month, Ancestry.com.au has teamed up with News Limited to help find Australians who are related to Prince William or Kate Middleton.

For some great tips on finding a connection to royalty like Will and Kate check out this article on our Ancestry.com.au blog.
If you succeed in discovering a connection to the royal couple, we’d love to hear your story! You can email us at mystory@ancestry.com.au.

Read the latest articles and updates on the Royal Wedding on news.com.au.
Now available on Ancestry.com.au
Crisp's Marriage License Index
This collection is a searchable index of marriage licenses from over a dozen London parishes, spanning from the early 1700s to the late 1800s.

The information that can be obtained from the records regarding places of origin and family members is of great value, given the inherent difficulties in researching London families prior to census and general registration.
UK Royal Navy and Royal Marine War Graves Roll
This collection is an index of Royal Navy and Royal Marine officers who died in The Great War, made up of some 45,000 records.

Although there are no images, the records contain a great deal of information about each individual.
Two lists of those who died during the Great War were published by His Majesty's Stationery Office in 1921 on behalf of and by authority of the War Office. One volume, packed with minute typescript, gave the basic details of nearly 42,000 officer casualties. It required an additional eighty volumes to list all the 'other ranks' who gave their lives.

Each of the original volumes represented one or more regiments, corps or other units of the British Army; most were subdivided into battalions or similar groupings. There were often thirty or more of these per volume, each in alphabetical order.

The Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines (RM) worked closely with the Royal Navy under the Naval Service and is the oldest force of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, also known as the Senior Service or the Blue Water Navy (as opposed to Brown/river water or Green/coastal water). In this collection, you will be able to find the branch of service in which each individual served and their duties.

Information contained in this index includes:
  • Name
  • Rating (occupation, rank, or classification)
  • Branch of Service
  • Cause of Death
  • Date of Death
  • Ship or Unit
  • Theatre of war
  • Relative Notified
Additions to the American Civil War collection
To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, Ancestry.com.au has released 11 new Civil War collections containing records of both Union and Confederate soldiers.

The American Civil War was much more than famous battles and charismatic generals. Regular people - the enlisted soldiers and the families they left behind - have compelling stories to tell as well. You may find them in the new collections, some of which are outlined below.
New Union records New Confederate records The American Civil War Collection is available to World Heritage members.
Changes to Ancestry.com.au Search
You may have noticed that we've recently changed the default location priority in the search forms on Ancestry.com.au.

While previously the default option only allowed you to search both UK and Australian records, we’ve updated the search functionality to default to Australian records only.

We've made this change to help improve the site experience for Australians searching for
Australian ancestors by providing more relevant initial search results. Of course, if you’re looking for ancestors from the UK or other parts of the world, simply click on ‘Show Advanced’ and choose your preferred location from the ‘Collection Priority’ drop down menu.
Point of interest: Telling your family story
Television has proven to be a powerful medium for telling family history stories – but it’s no longer an option just for the famous.

We recently stumbled across a company providing high-quality integrated video production services that focus on family history.
My Life on Film will bring together your documents, photographs, film and video footage into a broadcast quality video. According to their website, this service is a cross between This is Your Life and Australian Story.

Check out their website for more details if you are ready to take family history publishing “to the next level”.

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