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  New site feature: Relationship Viewer  
 Have you ever found a person in your tree and asked yourself "How are we related?" We know many of you have, given the number of requests we've had for a tool that would help you easily find an answer to that question.

We've just added a new feature in your Ancestry.com.au Member Tree that will allow you to view the relationship between you and a relative in your tree. This new feature is a great tool that will allow you to relate more directly to the people in your tree by
seeing how they are related to you.

Learn more about the new Ancestry.com.au Relationship Viewer
  Updated: London Poor Law Records 1834-1940  
 This collection includes a huge variety of different records created as a result of the Poor Laws in London from 1834-1940, all images of original records. The Poor Laws helped a great many people, including the elderly, orphaned, unemployed, sick and afflicted. It wasn't just money they were given - they also received other daily necessities such as food, clothing and work. Children from poor families were placed in apprenticeships, or sent to particular schools and other institutions.

These records will help you identify which members of your family were considered poor, find out what help they received, and discover details of their everyday lives. You can read all your ancestors' details as they were recorded centuries ago, and pick out the personal remarks of each individual administrator.

Because the records haven't yet been transcribed, it's not possible to search for your relatives automatically. Instead, you should identify in which documents your family members are most likely to appear then use our browse options to look for their details. ell as personal information such as their name and age and the particulars of the crime committed.

Explore London Poor Law Records 1834-1940
  Updated: London Baptisms, Marriages and Burials
 We're excited to announce that London Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1538-1812, previously a searchable image collection, has now been fully indexed. This, along with improved search options, means you now have a much better chance of finding your distant, distant ancestors in the largest collection available, anywhere online.

London Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1538-1812 is part of our London Parish Records collection. Parish records - primarily baptisms, marriages, and burials - are the best source of vital record information before the nineteenth century. Before civil registration began in 1837, key events in a person's life were typically recorded by the Church rather than the State. Starting in the sixteenth century, parish records are some of the longest running records available.

Search London Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1538-1812
  New: Alcatraz Prisoner Index 1934-1963  
 The Birdman of Alcatraz, Robert Stroud, is just one of the infamous inmates on "The Rock" that you'll be able to find in our new collection, Alcatraz Prisoner Index 1934-1963.

This collection is an index to the comprehensive case files of the 1,550 men who did time at Alcatraz.

Alcatraz Island is well-known for its now-abandoned prison, chosen for its isolation from the outside world, thanks to the cold, strong and hazardous currents of San Francisco Bay. Designed to make a statement in response to the rampant criminal activity of the gangster era, Alcatraz would become the repository for the nation's most troublesome and dangerous prisoners. Al Capone, George "Machine Gun" Kelly, and Henri Young were among the Rock's well-known residents.

Learn more about the Alcatraz Prisoner Index 1934-1963

  Point of interest: Family Military History Displays  

 With the festive season nearly upon us, we thought we'd share with you a great idea for a Christmas gift - family military history display frames.

National Medals Pty Ltd is one company that produces these lovely keepsakes of Australian service personnel. The display frame contains engraved plaque with the individual's name and brief service details outlined as well as replicas of their medals & badges.

If you don't know which medals an individual was entitled to, National Medals can carry out the research for minimal cost and also supply you with research notes outlining service details as well as medal entitlements. In addition to family military history research, National Medals also offers military medal mounting, replica military medals as well as custom-made medals and medallions.

Visit the National Medals website at www.natmedals.com or email them at natmedals@bigpond.com for more details.

  We want your ancestor's story...  
 If you're one of our many Ancestry.com.au members who've got a great family story to tell and would be willing to share it, we'd like to hear from you.

  1. Send us a brief account, in 150-200 words, of the ancestor you discovered and their personal story.
  2. Send us your ancestor's full name and all key vital dates available – birth, marriage (when, where and to whom), children, occupation, etc.
  3. Include any historical records you've found through your search – birth, marriage, military records, etc.
  4. Along with any additional mementos you've discovered along the way – photos, medals, awards, etc.
  5. And lastly, don't forget to include your name, where you are from and your contact details including your phone number and email address.
Please email your brief outline or story to mystory@ancestry.com.au (or paste this address into an e-mail).

As an Ancestry member your privacy is always our first concern, therefore please be assured that even if you do respond to this email, nothing further will be done with the information you provide without your prior approval.

We look forward to hearing your story.

The Ancestry.com.au Team
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