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Name: Elsie R Ziegler

Birth: 29 Aug 1921 Hudson, Weld County, Colorado, United States of America

Death: 23 July 2014 Montrose, Montrose County, Colorado, USA

Father: Karl Ziegler

Mother: Marion Krause

Name: Fred W Ziegler

Birth: abt 1869 Kentucky

Death: 28 Mar 1953 Campbell, Kentucky, USA

Father: Balthasar Ziegler

Mother: Katharina Elisabetha Binkle

Name: Elizabeth Anna Ziegler

Birth: 11 Nov 1910 Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey, USA

Death: 26 Sep 2004 Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey, USA

Father: Joseph Ottmar Ziegler

Mother: Mary Frances Schmidtt

Name: Henry Ziegler

Birth: 22 Mar 1860 Seneca, OH

Death: 18 Nov 1931 Seneca, Seneca, Ohio, United States

Father: Henry Zeigler

Mother: Louisa Keller

Name: Peter Joseph ZIEGLER

Birth: 2 Jul 1905 Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas, USA

Death: 14 Sep 1984 Kennewick, Benton, Washington

Father: Christoph Ziegler

Mother: Elizabeth Klug

Name: Christof Ziegler

Birth: 27 Nov 1863 Koihler, Russia

Death: 16 Jul 1933 St. Mary's, Kansas, USA

Father: Nikolaus Ziegler

Mother: Sophia Elizabeth Reichenborn

Name: Carrie E. Ziegler

Birth: 20 Aug 1878 Pennsylvania

Death: 19 Mar 1959 Kansas

Father: George Edward Ziegler

Mother: Sarah Rosalie Hughes

Name: Bertha M Ziegler

Birth: 06 Dec 1889 Somers Twp., Champaign Co., IL

Death: 14 Jan 1967 Champaign, Champaign Co, IL

Father: Jacob John Ziegler

Mother: Johanna Helen Letterman

Name: John George Ziegler

Birth: 20 AUG 1899 New York

Death: 12 DEC 1966 Rochester, NY

Father: John M Ziegler

Mother: Wilhelmina Grimm

Name: Mary Ziegler

Birth: abt 1910 Kansas

Death: 2001 Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, USA

Father: Anton Theodore Ziegler

Mother: Clara W. Ziegler

Name: Grace Bast Ziegler

Birth: 28 Feb 1895 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 02 Aug 1984 Ormond Beach, Volusia, Florida, USA

Father: Henry Austin Ziegler

Mother: Mary Ellen Bast

Name: Henry A Ziegler

Birth: Jul 1906 Kansas

Death: 28 Dec 1999 Ks.

Father: Adam Ziegler

Mother: Mary Ann Phlieger

Name: William Ziegler

Birth: 28 Jul 1830 Muskingum County, Ohio, USA

Death: 20 January 1906 Marion Township, Grundy, Missouri, United States

Father: John Ziegler

Mother: Susannah Rebecca Duvall

Name: George Francis Ziegler

Birth: 13 Mar 1900 Pennsylvania

Death: Feb 1979 Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William F Ziegler

Mother: Josephine L. Weis

Name: Catharine M Ziegler

Birth: Oct 31, 1835 Bethel, Berks, Pennsylvania, U. S. A.

Death: 12 Nov 1909 Manheim, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Philipp Geib

Mother: Catharine Merkey Ziegler

Name: Ellen Rose Ziegler

Birth: 31 May 1919 Kasson, Leelanau, Michigan

Death: 12 Feb 2002 Maple City, Leelanau County, Michigan, USA

Father: George William Ziegler

Mother: Lottie Ellen Payne

Name: Fredrich Ziegler

Birth: 29 August 1897 Odessa, South, Russia

Death: 20 May 1990 Bismarck, Burleigh, North Dakota, USA

Father: Peter Ziegler

Mother: Christina Schumacher

Name: Christiana Ziegler

Birth: 7 May 1820 Kirchardt, Heilbronn, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Death: 1 Aug 1859 Indianola, Calhoun, Texas, USA

Father: Johann Georg ZIEGLER

Mother: Christina Klein

Name: Henry Ziegler

Birth: 30 Aug 1869 York County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 12 Jul 1935 North Codorus Township, York County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Adam W Zeigler

Mother: Leah Kelley

Name: Mary Ziegler

Birth: 09 Aug 1861 Franconia, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 27 Aug 1944 Souderton, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Samuel Landis Ziegler

Mother: Sarah Ruth Musselman Ziegler

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