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Name: Charles W Yeager

Birth: Nov 1836 Elizabethtown, Hardin, Kentucky

Death: 20 Nov 1926 Elizabethtown, Hardin, Kentucky

Father: John Wesley Yager

Mother: Lydia Yager

Name: Helen L Yeager

Birth: 04 APR 1913 Pennsylvania

Death: 21 SEP 2002 Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Thomas Sidebotham Lever

Mother: Wilhelmina Lennen

Name: Elizabeth YEAGER

Birth: 04 Aug 1845 Washington County, Iowa, USA

Death: 10 Apr 1885 North English, Keokuk, Iowa, USA

Father: Jacob Yeager

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Watters

Name: Nancy Yeager

Birth: 24 Oct 1874 Clark, Missouri, USA

Death: 26 Jan 1954 Norwich, Kingman, Kansas, USA

Father: Samuel Yeager

Mother: Sarah Frances Borden

Name: Bill Pippen Yeager

Birth: 10 Oct 1919 San Saba, San Saba County, Texas

Death: 10 Mar 2004 Austin, Travis, Texas, United States

Father: Byron Harris Yeager

Mother: Avo Pippen

Name: Sara Yeager

Birth: 09 Jun 1894 Centralia, Pennsylvania

Death: 1980 Pa


Mother: Emeline Troup

Name: Susan Jane YEAGER

Birth: 18 Sep 1898 Arkansas

Death: 20 December 1986 Norwalk, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Redman Boyd Yeager

Mother: Mariah Christian

Name: Roland Henry Yeager

Birth: 5 March 1919 Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

Death: 26 May 2010 Arvada, Jefferson Co., Colorado, USA

Father: William Yeager


Name: Peter Yeager

Birth: 10 Aug 1841 Northd, Pennsylvania

Death: July 4, 1926 Ralpho, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Henry Yeager

Mother: Rebecca Swank

Name: Diana Yeager

Birth: 1 May 1844 Prairie Creek, Vigo, Indiana, USA

Death: 17 Mar 1895 Jewett, Cumberland, Illinois, USA


Mother: Sarah "Sallie" Piety

Name: Bertha Elizabeth Yeager

Birth: 5 Aug 1912 Jay, Indiana

Death: 12 May 1997 Decatur, Adams Co., Indiana

Father: John George Yoeger

Mother: Appolonia SCHMITT

Name: Betty L Yeager

Birth: 17 Sep 1919 Gowen City, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 06 Feb 2011 Herndon, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Charles Andrew Yeager

Mother: Beulah M Yeager

Name: Rev. Yeager

Birth: 27 May 1891 Carroll, Georgia, USA

Death: 16 Jan 1934 Hopkins, Texas, USA


Mother: Joannah Elizabeth Richards

Name: Paul August Yeager

Birth: 20 Sep 1896 Philadelphia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 09 Aug 1958 Monroeville, Gloucester, New Jersey, USA

Father: Robert Henry Yeager

Mother: Emilie Geise Guse

Name: Thelma Yeager

Birth: 6 Oct 1909 Pennsylvania

Death: 21 Apr 1995 Windsor, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Charles Vernon Yeager

Mother: Suie Pearl Wingard

Name: Elizabeth 'Libby' Yeager

Birth: 24 Sep 1829 Huntingdon Co., PA

Death: 28 Mar 1916 Entriken, Huntingdon Co., PA

Father: Jeremiah Yerger

Mother: Margaret Sparr Yerger

Name: John S Yeager

Birth: 11 Nov 1871 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 19 Oct 1946 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Spencer Gaige Yeager

Mother: Lydia Ann Howard

Name: Milford L Yeager

Birth: Nov 1878 Pennsylvania

Death: 2/1954 Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Andrew Yeager

Mother: Elizabeth M Barger

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