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Name: Frederick Jacob Uhl

Birth: August 1878 New York City, New York, USA

Death: 1948 Kingston, Ulster, New York, USA

Father: Joseph Uhl

Mother: Mary Lenora Guldy

Name: Charles S. Uhl

Birth: 8 December 1822 Holmes, Ohio, USA

Death: 1908 Hardy, Holmes, Ohio, USA

Father: George Uhl

Mother: Elizabeth Sarah STOTTS

Name: Jacob Uhl

Birth: 24 May 1844 St. Wendel, Germany

Death: 18 Feb 1918 Dansville, Livingston County, New York, United States of America

Father: Johann Jacob Uhl

Mother: Anna Schubmehl

Name: George Harry Uhl

Birth: 8 Sep 1920 Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Jul 2005 Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: George William Uhl

Mother: Jennie J. Bickley

Name: Johann Uhl

Birth: Feb 8, 1859 Ebnot, Germany

Death: 17 May 1922 Livingston, Park County, Montana, United States of America

Father: Johann Leonhard Uhl

Mother: Maria Victoria Webber

Name: Elizabeth Uhl

Birth: 28 Jul 1871 Rhine, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 21 Jan 1956 Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Caspar Uhl

Mother: Margaretha Schueler

Name: Genevive Gertrude Uhl

Birth: 10 Dec 1902 Crawford, Dawes, Nebraska, USA

Death: 06 JUL 1960 Hot Springs, Fall River, South Dakota, USA

Father: George Arthur Uhl

Mother: Francis Gee

Name: Seymour Uhl

Birth: 5 Sep 1863 Indiana

Death: 23 Nov 1937 Hernando, Florida, United States

Father: Joseph Uhl

Mother: Caroline Miller

Name: Otto Uhl

Birth: abt 1882 Germany

Death: 09 Jul 1962 Columbus (Pt), Franklin, Ohio

Father: Joseph Uhl

Mother: Barbara Meier

Name: James L Uhl

Birth: Jul 1873 Lancaster, Ohio

Death: 21 Jan 1928 Franklin, Ohio

Father: Henry Uhl

Mother: Mary Lucinda Tobin

Name: Willard H Uhl

Birth: feb 3rd 1917 Wooster, Wayne, Ohio, USA

Death: 25 Jul 1992 Somerset, Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: George Washington Uhl

Mother: Mabel Marie Young

Name: John William Uhl

Birth: 1818 Ohio, United States

Death: 1 Jun 1878 Holmes, Ohio, United States

Father: Carl Charles Uhl

Mother: Barbara Korns

Name: Ella Adams Uhl

Birth: abt 1911 Colorado

Death: 11 Feb 1942 of Denver, CO

Father: Alva Blanchard Adams

Mother: Elizabeth M Matty

Name: Elizabeth uhl

Birth: abt 1894 Pennsylvania

Death: Sep 1976 Johnstown, Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Joseph Uhl

Mother: Katherine Reiger

Name: John E Uhl

Birth: abt 1878 Ohio

Death: 1 Jan 1918 Bucyrus, Crawford, Ohio, United States

Father: Edward Uhl

Mother: Mary Ann Dewiel

Name: Joseph Uhl

Birth: abt 1888 Germany

Death: 21 Oct 1948 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Georg Vincenz Uhl

Mother: Rufina Schoenig

Name: Jessie Ellen Uhl

Birth: 23 December 1886 Ohio

Death: 16 November 1963 Holmes County, Ohio, USA

Father: Cyrus Uhl

Mother: Jane L Hammond

Name: Louise M Uhl

Birth: 17 December 1911 West Virginia

Death: 11 Jun 1975 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Father: Harry Henderson Uhl

Mother: Mozelle T Gorrell

Name: Sylvia Uhl

Birth: 25 February 1887 Memphis (or Nashville?), Tenn.

Death: 1 FEB 1960 ,, Kansas

Father: Benjamin Franklin Uhl

Mother: Elizabeth Feiterich

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