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Results for "thompson"

Name: Pauline Thompson

Birth: 12 Jun 1901 Pulaski County, Georgia, USA

Death: 14 May 1987 Pulaski County, Georgia

Father: Morgan Thompson

Mother: Essa Beauford Woodard

Name: John Knox Thompson

Birth: 05 Nov 1913 Lowell, Gaston, North Carolina, USA

Death: 08 Mar 1988 North Myrtle Beach, Horry, South Carolina, USA

Father: John Lewis Thompson

Mother: Ada Cornelius Cox

Name: Solomon Thompson

Birth: Sep 1862 Dresden, Weakley County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 1915 St Francis, Arkansas, USA

Father: William Thompson

Mother: Nancy Jones

Name: Nancy "Agnes" Thompson

Birth: 19 Aug 1824 Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 12 Dec 1906 Arkansas, USA

Father: Samuel Thompson

Mother: Mary A Carpenter

Name: Sarah A. Thompson

Birth: Apr 1854 Georgia

Death: 8 Dec 1921 Fulton County, Georgia, USA

Father: William Thompson

Mother: Frances Harper

Name: George Fremont Thompson

Birth: 10 Feb 1862 Chester Depot, VT, USA

Death: 12 Nov 1920 Newbridge, Baker, OR, USA

Father: Benjamin Granville Thompson

Mother: Mary Ann Newton

Name: Flora Mae Thompson

Birth: 21 Jun 1889 Onslow, North Carolina, United States

Death: 16 May 1950 Richlands, Onslow, North Carolina

Father: William Bryant Thompson

Mother: Olive L. Rochelle

Name: Rozelia Thompson

Birth: Jul 1855 Ontario

Death: 10 Oct 1892 Baldwin, Georgina, County of York, Ontario, Canada

Father: Joel Thompson

Mother: Elizabeth SHEPPARD

Name: George Thompson

Birth: abt 1846 Mississippi, United States

Death: March 13, 1932 Oktibbeha County, MS

Father: William Wayne Thompson

Mother: Mary Copeland

Name: James P Thompson

Birth: 26 Aug 1920 Bethesda, Maryland

Death: 13 February 1999 Maryland

Father: James Oscar Thompson

Mother: Sadie Suddath


Birth: 4 Apr 1905 Arkansas

Death: 18 Nov 2003 Oilton, Creek, Oklahoma

Father: George Malcolm Thompson

Mother: Naomi McAtee

Name: Edna May Thompson

Birth: 6 July 1909 Belleville, Yell, Arkansas

Death: 1 March 2006 Ventura, California, United States

Father: Gerald Edward Thomson

Mother: Nancy Ethel Swilling

Name: David John Thompson

Birth: 1869 Almonte, Ontario

Death: 10 Sep 1915 Carleton Place, Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Father: Joseph Thompson

Mother: Sarah Jane Abbey

Name: Walter Adam THOMPSON

Birth: 15 May 1861 North Gwillimbury, York, Ontario, Canada

Death: 13 April 1944 Belhaven, York, Ontario, Canada

Father: Joel Thompson

Mother: Elizabeth SHEPPARD

Name: Sarah Thompson

Birth: 1821 Middleton, Durham, England

Death: 26 April 1866 Whitburn County Durham

Father: Richard Barber

Mother: Sarah Elliot

Name: June Romaine Thompson

Birth: 21 June 1923 Pennsylvania

Death: 26 Jan 2008 Chambersburg,Franklin,Pennsylvania,United States

Father: William Harrison Thompson

Mother: Lelia R. Harshman

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