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Results for "seiger"

Name: Alice Seiger

Birth: 20 Apr 1929 Oklahoma

Death: 10 Jan 2004 Saint Ann, Saint Louis, MO

Father: Herman Frederick Seiger

Mother: Nancy Seiger

Name: Jacob Perry Seiger

Birth: 5 Nov 1875 Sandusky, Ohio

Death: 17 Jan 1967 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: Ellis Seiger

Mother: Christina Shoemaker

Name: Alfred D SEIGER

Birth: 20 Apr 1929 Geary, Canadian, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 16 Dec 2011 Geary, Blaine County, OK

Father: Herman Frederick Seiger

Mother: Nancy Seiger

Name: Emma Seiger

Birth: 04 Feb 1859 Canada

Death: 16 Nov 1924 Buffalo Gap, Custer, South Dakota, United States

Father: Christian Eichenberger

Mother: Elizabeth Keller Eggenberger

Name: Elovisa E Seiger

Birth: 11 Oct 1847 South Whitehall, Lehigh, Pennsylvania

Death: 24 Nov 1929 Lehigh Co., PA

Father: Nathan SIEGER

Mother: Levina GUTH

Name: Raymond seiger

Birth: abt 1901 Pennsylvania

Death: 21 Dec 1955 Frailey Schuylkill Co PA

Father: Harry Peter Seiger

Mother: Elizabeth Seiger

Name: Julia Alice Seiger

Birth: abt 1854 New Jersey, USA

Death: 10 Nov 1921 Queens, NY

Father: Joseph G. Steger

Mother: Julia Luke

Name: Esther Seiger

Birth: Abt. 1870 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Death: 10 Oct 1953 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Charles John Hetrick

Mother: Esther H McQuaid

Name: Edith C Seiger

Birth: 1876 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, United States

Death: 29 JAN 1918 Huron, Ohio

Father: Carl Sieger

Mother: Margaret Schwan (Siegers)

Name: Sarah Jane Seiger

Birth: 07 September 1852 Maytown, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 26 December 1938 Dallastown, York County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Smeych

Mother: Spotz

Name: Henry Seiger

Birth: 5 Oct 1856 Sauk City, Sauk, Wisconsin, United States

Death: 10 Mar 1923 Ater, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Peter Casper Sieger

Mother: Anne Lepper

Name: Ben Seiger

Birth: 15 Jun 1910 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 18 June 1998 Chevy Chase MD

Father: Joseph Seiger

Mother: Sara Goldstein (Kakusz)

Name: Guy Seiger

Birth: 25 January 1899 Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Death: 4 Feb 1985 Palmyra, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Charles Franklin Seiger

Mother: Eleanor Walters Seiger

Name: Bernard Seiger

Birth: 31 Jan 1926 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 17 Sep 2008 Cherry Hill, Camden, New Jersey

Father: Julius (Jules) Seiger

Mother: Mae Stern

Name: Jacob H Seiger

Birth: 11 Dec 1813 Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 4 Apr 1891 Ballville, Sandusky, Ohio, USA

Father: Michael Sieger

Mother: Anna Elizabeth Hummel

Name: Sarah Ann Seiger

Birth: Jan 1860 Ohio

Death: 2 April,1938 Clyde, OH

Father: Jacob H Sieger

Mother: Sarah Heffner

Name: George Washington Seiger

Birth: Apr 1869 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 4 Mar 1959 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Valentine Sieger

Mother: Lucy Hitchcock

Name: Mable seiger

Birth: 31 AUG 1872 Castalia, Erie, Ohio, USA

Death: 30 MAR 1957 Seneca, Ohio

Father: William Grove

Mother: Mary Miranda Reynolds

Name: Carl E. Seiger

Birth: 07 Feb 1915 Fairview, Major, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 15 Dec 1987 Enid, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Herman Frederick Seiger

Mother: Nancy Seiger

Name: Nathan Seiger

Birth: 11 May 1921 Toronto, Toronto Metropolitan Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Death: 9 March 1976 Los Angeles County, California, USA

Father: Hyman Seiger

Mother: Ethel "Annie" Gordon (Seiger)

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