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Name: Rachel Ann Payne

Birth: 1865 Belmont, Ohio, United States

Death: 13 Sep 1939 Barnesville, Belmont County, Ohio

Father: Jonathan Payne/ Paine

Mother: Malinda Burdett

Name: Johnathan Payne

Birth: 1836 Goshen Township, Belmont County, Ohio

Death: 09 Apr 1897 Warren Township, Belmont County, Ohio

Father: Jonathan Paine

Mother: Martha Bonham

Name: George Payne

Birth: 13 Nov 1848 St Pancras, London, England

Death: 13 Oct 1929 95 drummond street Sommerstown

Father: George Payne

Mother: Caroline Payne

Name: Elizabeth Payne

Birth: 3 February 1889 China Spring, McLennan County, Texas, United States of America

Death: 1959 Waco, McLennan, Texas, USA

Father: George Washington Payne

Mother: Annie L. Motheral

Name: Elizabeth Payne

Birth: December 24, 1823 Walker Chapel, Arlington County, Virginia, USA

Death: 21 April 1875 Stafford County, Virginia, USA

Father: Robert Donaldson

Mother: Elizabeth Birch

Name: Robert Sanderson Payne

Birth: 11 Apr 1848 Sandusky, Erie County Ohio

Death: 07 MAY 1929 Columbia, Oregon, United States

Father: Joseph Payne

Mother: Sophia Whittaker

Name: William O Payne

Birth: 1830 Lansingburg, New York, United States

Death: 6 Jul 1881 Foster,Fairbault County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Theodorus Bailey Payne

Mother: Martha Jane Eager

Name: Sarah Dora Payne

Birth: 16 Jan 1877 Missouri. Darius letter 3 14 1953

Death: 18 Dec 1957 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, USA

Father: William Joseph Payne


Name: Benjamin S Payne

Birth: 30 September 1875 North Carolina

Death: 1923 Virginia

Father: William Payne

Mother: Elizabeth Etheridge (Payne)

Name: James Burlington Payne

Birth: 31 OCT 1855 Tylertown, Walthall, Mississippi, USA

Death: 22 MAY 1925 Tylertown, Walthall, Mississippi, USA

Father: Nelson PAYNE

Mother: Jemima Owens

Name: Henry Payne

Birth: Jul 1856 Indiana

Death: 1 April 1918 Rosette, Vigo, Indiana, United States

Father: William W. Payne

Mother: Emily Alice Gosnell

Name: Neta (Nita/Nedia) Payne

Birth: 17 Oct 1911 Davidson, North Carolina, USA

Death: 31 May 1999 Thomasville, Davidson, North Carolina, USA

Father: J. Fred Payne

Mother: Vera Payne

Name: Edward Payne

Birth: 13 Jul 1872 Morrow County, Ohio, United States of America

Death: 10 May 1942 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Father: Theodore F. Payne

Mother: Mary Corson

Name: Thomas Edgar Payne

Birth: 13 Feb 1874 Collin, Texas, USA

Death: 20 August 1922 Olney, Young County, Texas, United States of America

Father: Lafayette Payne

Mother: Sarah Lockett

Name: Williams B. Payne

Birth: 12 May 1873 Georgia, USA

Death: 10 Oct 1945 Conway, Faulkner, Arkansas, USA

Father: Miles Chesterfield Payne

Mother: Lettie Florence Self

Name: James Wendell Payne

Birth: abt 1910 Clarion, Wright, Iowa, USA

Death: 26 Jul 1989 Belmond, Wright, Iowa, USA

Father: Albert Arthur Payne

Mother: Amanda Reeder

Name: John Payne

Birth: abt 1865 Florida

Death: 12/1934 QUINCY FLA

Father: George Charles Payne

Mother: Elizabeth(Ellen)Lizzie Christy Colson Payne

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