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Name: Elizabeth O'Brien

Birth: August 1887 Rush County, Kansas, United States of America

Death: 11 June 1962 Rush Center, Rush County, Kansas, United States of America

Father: Thomas O'Brien

Mother: Ellen M. McFadden

Name: Bridget Ann O'Brien

Birth: 24 Feb 1875 Lyndoch, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada

Death: 23 Sep 1961 Eganville, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada

Father: John O'Brien

Mother: Ellen Sullivan

Name: Catharine O'Brien

Birth: Mar 1860 Ireland

Death: 21 Jan 1934 Dudley, Huntingdon Co, PA

Father: George Gould

Mother: Wife Gould

Name: Donald F O'Brien

Birth: March 20, 1914 Meriden, New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Death: December 26, 2005 New London, New London, Connecticut, USA

Father: John Francis O'Brien

Mother: Bertha G McDonald

Name: Bettie Frances O'Brien

Birth: 12 Oct 1871 Texas, USA

Death: 22 Jan 1948 Briscoe, Wheeler, Texas, USA

Father: William OBrien (Obryant)

Mother: Martha A Culver

Name: Marguerite Treasia O'Brien

Birth: August 6, 1882 Austin, Nevada, USA

Death: April 19, 1934 Fallon, Nevada, USA

Father: Jack O’Brien

Mother: Mary Ellen Vail

Name: Margaret "Maggie" O'Brien

Birth: abt 1879 Des Moines

Death: 15 Aug 1947 Manhattan, New York, USA

Father: James Francis O'Brien

Mother: Maria Canty

Name: Charles O'Brien

Birth: Nov 1846 Whitley County, Indiana, USA

Death: 26 Apr 1929 Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana USA

Father: Patrick O'Brien

Mother: Margaret Oconner

Name: William S O'brien

Birth: 1 Apr 1859 New York, United States

Death: 3 Sep 1911 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Father: James O'Brien

Mother: Mary Ann Obrien

Name: Rosella "Rose" O'Brien

Birth: Sep 1867 Indiana or Ireland

Death: 08 Apr 1939 Gas City, Grant, Indiana, USA

Father: James Thomas O'Brien

Mother: Mary Hoyne (Hines)

Name: Margaret O'Brien

Birth: 2 Feb 1875 Canada

Death: 17 Sept 1931 Neillsville, Clark, Wisconsin

Father: Martin O'Brien

Mother: Mary Ann Garvin

Name: Mary "Minnie" O'brien

Birth: 08 Nov 1848 Dunaway Parrish, Cork, Ireland

Death: 23 Oct 1918 Idaho City, Boise, Idaho, USA

Father: Jeremiah "Jerry" O'Brien Manning

Mother: Mary Crowly

Name: Georgiana O'Brien

Birth: 14 Feb 1884 Pleasant Hill, Saline County, Nebraska

Death: 13 Jan 1931 Sterling, Logan County, Colorado

Father: Albert Anderson Roe

Mother: IsaDora McNamara

Name: Frances Joyce O'Brien

Birth: 29 Sep 1890 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Death: 28 Aug 1980 Hinsdale,DuPage,Illinois

Father: Henry O'Brien

Mother: Matilda Klentgen

Name: Margaret Elizabeth O'Brien

Birth: 16 Apr 1911 Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina

Death: 18 Oct 1992 Mount Pleasant, Charleston, South Carolina, United States of America

Father: William Victor O'Brien

Mother: Margaret E Jarvis

Name: John F. O'Brien

Birth: 1865 Monroe County, Iowa

Death: 1955 Monroe County, Iowa

Father: James Joseph O'Brien

Mother: Mary Anne Fitzpatrick

Name: Raymond George O'Brien

Birth: 26 Sep 1932 Muskegon, Michigan

Death: 10/15/2003 Muskegon County, Michigan, USA

Father: Montie Ray O'Brien

Mother: Dorothy Genevieve BRUCKNER

Name: Agnes O'Brien

Birth: 1849 Ireland

Death: 1921 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, USA

Father: John O'Brien

Mother: Bridget Quick

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