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Name: Emily Ellen meyer

Birth: 11 Dec 1922 Dudley, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

Death: FEB 2007 Webster, MA

Father: Paul J Meyer

Mother: Leokadia "Lucy" Geppert

Name: Emma Lucy Meyer

Birth: 09/ 2/0 17 dudley massachusetts worcester

Death: 1 Jun 2005 Brooklyn, Windham, Connecticut, USA

Father: Paul J Meyer

Mother: Leokadia "Lucy" Geppert

Name: Alice Othelia Meyer

Birth: 4 Jul 1913 Minnesota

Death: 18 Feb 1984 La Crosse, La Crosse, WI

Father: Bernt Adolf Johnson

Mother: Gina Maria Gronvold

Name: Albert Wilhelm Meyer

Birth: April 24, 1840 Germany

Death: 15 Oct 1918 Wykoff, Fillmore, Minnesota, United States

Father: Carl Meier

Mother: Hanne Delmann

Name: Maria Francisca Meyer

Birth: 12 Mar 1822 Meerhof, Prussia

Death: 5 JAN 1870 Niedermarsberg bei Paderborn-Burried Meerhof

Father: Johann Heinrich Schafers MEYER

Mother: Anna Goken

Name: Joseph F. Meyer

Birth: Apr 1860 Iowa

Death: 6 Sep 1939 Clayton, Iowa, United States

Father: Alexander Meier

Mother: Genovefa Biederman

Name: Maggie Meyer

Birth: Mar 1866 Iowa

Death: 18 Feb 1926 Clayton, Iowa, United States

Father: Johannes Wunsch/Winch

Mother: Minnie Poellman

Name: Albert Williams Meyer

Birth: 1 Apr 1899 Missouri

Death: 4 May 1966 Wright, Minnesota

Father: Herman Henry Meyer

Mother: Emma Minnie Alberswerth

Name: Clifford John Meyer

Birth: 24 Oct 1926 Indiana

Death: 16 Jul 2008 Greensburg, Decatur County, Indiana, USA

Father: Frank Henry Meyer

Mother: Amelia M. Waechter

Name: Louise Meyer

Birth: 25 Jul 1892 Afton Township,St.Paul, Washington County, Minnesota

Death: 10 Feb 1971 Gooding County, Idaho, USA

Father: Charles Meyer

Mother: Louisa Heuer

Name: Henry Meyer

Birth: Dec 1871 Iowa

Death: 26 MAR 1937 Fenton, Kossuth, Iowa, USA

Father: Friedrich Meyer

Mother: Catharina Dreyer

Name: Bernadina M Meyer

Birth: 20 May 1870 Quincy, Adams, Illinois, USA

Death: 15 Nov 1958 St Louis County, Missouri, USA

Father: Christian John Meyer

Mother: Anna Catherine Welberg

Name: Catherine B. Meyer

Birth: 29 MAR 1934 Green Creek, Effingham, IL

Death: 11 Apr 2010 Teutopolis, Effingham, Illinois, United States

Father: John Henry Meyer

Mother: Theresa Mary Waldhoff

Name: Theodore H Meyer

Birth: 18 Jan 1919 New York

Death: 17 December 2008 Jericho, Nassau, New York, USA

Father: William August Meyer

Mother: Anna Tatje (Stuve)

Name: Carolina "Carrie" Meyer

Birth: 28 Nov 1867 Massac County, Illinois, USA

Death: 13 May 1916 Massac County, Illinois, USA

Father: Lewis Meyer


Name: Bernadine Meyer

Birth: 24 Apr 1827 Essen, Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany

Death: 16 Mar 1901 Decatur, Indiana, USA

Father: Gerd Meyer

Mother: Engel ?

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