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Results for "larson"

Name: John Albert Larson

Birth: 3 Sep 1890 Hinckley, Pine, Minnesota, United States

Death: 31 Oct 1962 Douglas County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Peder P Larson

Mother: Johanne Eriksdatter

Name: Donald Leroy Larson

Birth: 19 OCT 1922 White Bear, Minnesota

Death: DEC 2002 Monticello, Florida

Father: Harald Herman Alfredsson Larsson

Mother: Helen Annie Mead

Name: Edith M Larson

Birth: abt 1908 Minnesota

Death: 3 Aug 1990 Marshall

Father: Olof Petrus Larsson

Mother: Vendla Axelina Eriksson Larsson

Name: Betty Jane Larson

Birth: Abt 1931 Madison WI

Death: abt 2002 Edmond OK

Father: Fred Rothlisberger

Mother: Mildred Jessamine Kurth

Name: Anna Larson

Birth: 9 Dec 1845 Sweden

Death: 12 December 1900 ACTIN, MEEKER, Minnesota

Father: Nils A Larsson

Mother: Bengta Betsy Nilsdotter

Name: Ellen Larson

Birth: Jun 1878 Iowa

Death: 25 JAN 1944 Decorah, Winneshiek, Iowa, USA

Father: Lars Larsen Jamerdal

Mother: Ellen Madla Hansdatter

Name: Ludvik Larson

Birth: 4 Feb 1871 Vårdal, Vest-Agder, Norway

Death: 21 December 1958 Holway, Taylor, WI

Father: Lars Jensen

Mother: Johanne Johansdatter

Name: Thora Larson

Birth: 08 May 1864 Halsingland, Sweden

Death: 27 Feb 1956 Madrid, Boone, Iowa, USA

Father: Stormo-Lars Jonsson

Mother: Bojort-Kerstin Larsdotter

Name: Lloyd Larson

Birth: abt 1902 Nebraska

Death: 26 March 1993 South Bend, Cass, Nebraska, United States

Father: Carl Adolf Larson

Mother: Emma Catherine Larson

Name: Martin Larson

Birth: Dec 1883 Alta, Iowa, USA

Death: 04 May 1964 Havelock, Pocahontas, Iowa

Father: Hans Larsen

Mother: Margaret Peterson

Name: Simon Larson

Birth: Jan 1850 Norway

Death: 12 Feb 1933 Olmsted, Minnesota

Father: Lars Pederson Rendahl

Mother: Kari Haagensdtr

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