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Results for "inman"

Name: Harley INMAN

Birth: 19 Mar 1896 Martin Co., Indiana

Death: JUL 1978 Bedford, Lawrence Co., Indiana

Father: Noah H Inman

Mother: Edna Anna Babb


Birth: 1778 Garsdale, England

Death: 16 April 1866 Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England

Father: John Inman

Mother: Martha Simpson

Name: George Inman

Birth: 8 Oct 1866 Ednia, Missouri, United States

Death: 07 Jun 1942 Payson Township, Adams, Illinois, USA

Father: James H Inman

Mother: Harriett Sinnock

Name: John Omer INMAN

Birth: 23 Feb 1882 Lane Co., Oregon, USA

Death: 12 Nov 1926 Lane Co., Oregon, USA

Father: William Clayton Inman

Mother: Sarah Jane Jeans

Name: William Inman

Birth: 26 Nov 1797 Skipton, England

Death: Oct 1866 Salford, Lancashire, England

Father: John Inman

Mother: Martha THROUP

Name: Nelson Edward Inman

Birth: 16 Jun 1836 Sandusky, Ohio, USA

Death: October 14, 1922 Athens, Calhoun, Michigan, USA

Father: Theodore Inman

Mother: Clarissa Armstrong

Name: James Inman

Birth: 1776 Sedbergh, Yorkshire, Eng

Death: Oct 1840 Garsdale, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Father: Richard Inman

Mother: Jane Hutchinson

Name: John Inman

Birth: 5 May 1861 Trenton, Grundy, Missouri, USA

Death: 6 JUL 1941 Trenton, Grundy County, Missouri

Father: George Inman

Mother: Margaret Ann Applegate

Name: Margaret MacPherson Inman

Birth: 24 Apr 1851 Williamson, Tennessee, USA

Death: 7 Nov 1925 Perry, Tennessee, USA

Father: Joseph (2xGGF) McPherson

Mother: Nancy Forehand


Birth: April 1869 Gipton, Yorkshire, England

Death: Sep 1946 Tadcaster, Yorkshire West Riding, England

Father: John INMAN

Mother: Sarah Hall


Birth: 1910 South Carolina

Death: 2010 Hendersonville, Henderson County, North Carolina, USA

Father: Essie Inman

Mother: Margaret Jane Schiffley

Name: William Inman

Birth: 11 Oct 1876 Windsor, Eaton, Michigan, United States

Death: 9 Jun 1970 Hesperia, Oceana, Michigan, United States

Father: George Emmet Inman

Mother: Ellen Rosina Gillette

Name: Memory A. Inman

Birth: 1836 Virginia, United States

Death: aft 1886 Banister, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA

Father: Henry Inman

Mother: Lydia Anglin

Name: William B Inman

Birth: 26 Jun 1884 North Carolina

Death: 5 April 1938 Fairmont, Robeson, North Carolina, USA

Father: Jesse James Inman

Mother: Elizabeth Annie Mccormick

Name: Francis Inman

Birth: 15 Feb 1860 Ashpole, Fairmont, Robeson, North Carolina, United States

Death: 12 Apr 1921 Fairmont, Robeson, North Carolina

Father: Enoch Inman

Mother: Clois Mima Inman

Name: Thelma Inman

Birth: 1 Sep 1904 Texas, USA

Death: 2 Nov 1993 Dallas, Texas

Father: Allen Inman

Mother: Susan Ada Gillan

Name: David Marion Inman

Birth: 5/10/1852 Porter Twsp., Christian, MO

Death: 23/01/1919 Nowata Co., OK

Father: Elkanah Inman

Mother: Sarah Moore

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