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Name: Horace HENRY

Birth: 9 Oct 1891 Georgia

Death: 25 Nov 1946 Bibb County, Georgia

Father: William Lawrence Henry

Mother: Adella C. McKenzie Henry

Name: Rachel Ann Henry

Birth: 29 NOV 1819 Hickory, Pennsylvania

Death: 3 MAR 1901 Old Washington, Guernsey, Ohio, United States

Father: Joseph P Henry

Mother: Eleanor

Name: Mary Henry

Birth: 10 Apr 1793 Ghent, Carroll County, Kentucky

Death: 05 Jun 1881 Millard, Adair County, Missouri

Father: Robert Henry

Mother: Jane Brank

Name: Irene Henry

Birth: 16 Mar 1911 Falls City, Jerome, Idaho, United States

Death: 24 Sep 1996 Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, United States

Father: James Leslie Henry

Mother: Irene Sarah Kingsley

Name: Emerine Henry

Birth: 4 Feb 1852 Haut-Fays, Daverdisse, Neufchâteau, Luxembourg, Belgium

Death: 1929 Gypsum, KS

Father: Joseph Henri

Mother: Pauline Marie Genonceaux

Name: Gaylord M Henry

Birth: 14 Oct 1926 Newark, Licking County, Ohio

Death: 7 Jun 1987 Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio

Father: JOHN HENRY (b 1899 Port Clinton Oh) (d. Bright disease)

Mother: Doris Loretta Welch

Name: Minnie Henry

Birth: 24 Aug 1891 Franklin, Arkansas, United States

Death: May 1980 Gans, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, United States of America

Father: Samuel David STEVENSON

Mother: Gorda Ann Collum

Name: Jacquelyn P Henry

Birth: 13 October 1930 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, United States of America

Death: 6 October 2020 Sugar Land, Fort Bend County, Texas, United States of America

Father: Meredith Jones

Mother: Royena Rhodes

Name: Sarah Henry

Birth: 29 Dec 1851 Lot 17 Con 5 E Whitby

Death: 30 Sep 1937 Peoria-City, Peoria, Illinois

Father: John Groat

Mother: Anna Marie Stone

Name: Magdalena Henry

Birth: abt 1866 Indiana

Death: 13 Jun 1910 Washington, Lucas, Ohio, United States

Father: George J Henry

Mother: Magdalena A. Young

Name: Cordelia Henry

Birth: abt 1863 Oregon

Death: 10 February 1949 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, United States of America

Father: William P Henry

Mother: Rebecca Jane Bailes

Name: Syble Henry

Birth: 15 Jan 1925 Board Valley, Putnam, Tennessee, USA

Death: 1 sep 2010 Monterey, Putnam, Tennessee, USA

Father: George Washington Henry

Mother: Alcia Farley Henry

Name: Clara A Henry

Birth: 17 Apr 1872 Whiteland, Johnson, Indiana, United States

Death: 16 March 1953 Johnson, Indiana, United States

Father: William J Jones

Mother: Mary Hamilton Scott

Name: Sameal Spaulding Henry

Birth: 7 Mar 1878 Mississippi

Death: 21 July 1966 Mobile, Mobile, Alabama, USA

Father: Samuel Spaulding Henry

Mother: Anna Taylor

Name: Fred H Henry

Birth: 5 May 1908 Macon Co., North Carolina

Death: 8 Jan 1971 Rabun, Georgia

Father: Thomas Henry

Mother: Cora Elizabeth Vinson

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