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Name: Harriet Elizabeth Harder

Birth: 12 Sep 1873 Perry Co, Tenn, USA

Death: 24 Jan 1930 Steele, Pemiscot co., Missouri, USA

Father: William Harder 7-1001 dhy

Mother: Sarah Atlantic Anderson Harder

Name: Raymond J Harder

Birth: 23 Jan 1920 New Haven NE, Connecticut

Death: 20 Dec 1987 Gilbertville, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Edgar True Harder

Mother: May Elizabeth Harder

Name: Mathilda M Harder

Birth: abt 1891 Macomb County, Michigan, USA

Death: 13 Feb 1964 Macomb, Macomb, Michigan, United States

Father: Johann Harder

Mother: Anna Stark

Name: Mary Harder

Birth: Abt. 1868 Perry Co. Tennessee

Death: 23 October 1902 Wayne County, Tennessee,

Father: Francis Marion Harder

Mother: Rebecca Horner

Name: Barney James Harder

Birth: 2 AUG 1925 Oklahoma

Death: 26 JUL 1999 Wichita, Sedgwick Co., Kansas

Father: Bernhard James Harder

Mother: Carolina (Carrie) Epp

Name: Elmer Emil Harder

Birth: 18 Oct 1914 Brown, Minnesota, USA

Death: 20 Oct 2000 Willmar, Kandiyohi, Minnesota

Father: Emil Harder

Mother: Lena Schroeder

Name: Joyce Harder

Birth: 14 Jul 1937 Jefferson, New York, USA

Death: 13 Sep 2021 Richfield Springs, Otsego, New York

Father: Cecil DeForest

Mother: Edna M Knapp

Name: Catherine Mary Harder

Birth: 04 Aug 1872 Grossvollstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Death: 28 Jan 1963 Martin, Minnesota, United States

Father: Hans Harders

Mother: Elizabeth Harder


Birth: 19 Jul 1875 Fairhaven, Huron, Michigan, United States

Death: 1932 Michigan

Father: John B Harder

Mother: Salinda Colley

Name: Charles Bert Harder

Birth: 22 Apr 1866 Princeton, Mercer, Missouri, USA

Death: 3 August 1945 Garden City, Finney County, Kansas, United States of America

Father: Peter Harder

Mother: Mary Ann Anderson

Name: Donald C Harder

Birth: 15 July 1921 Kansas

Death: 25 April 2018 Winfield, Cowley County, Kansas, United States of America

Father: John Christian Harader

Mother: Edna Mary Bell

Name: George F Harder

Birth: 7 Aug 1926 Hebron, Thayer, NE, USA

Death: 18 Feb 2007 Omaha, Douglas, NE

Father: Friedrich Harder

Mother: Lydia Fry

Name: Berry Louise Harder

Birth: 22 October 1912 Missouri, United States of America

Death: 13 Sep 2003 Hayti, Pemiscot, Missouri

Father: Ernest S. Rackley

Mother: Wilma Cleo Foster

Name: Ruth C. Harder

Birth: 7 Oct 1898 Holton, Jackson, Kansas, United States

Death: 25 May 1977 California, United States of America

Father: Warren Shaddock Pritchett

Mother: Rosetta Theresa Ide Pritchett

Name: John M Harder

Birth: Oct 1856 Missouri, USA

Death: 18 FEB 1943 Pittsburg, Crawford Co., Kansas

Father: Peter Harder

Mother: Mary Ann Anderson

Name: George Harder

Birth: Jan 1871 Dubois County, Indiana, United States

Death: 19 Oct 1948 Dubois County, Indiana, USA

Father: Johann Christoph Harder

Mother: Barbary Angerer

Name: Charles Adelbert Harder

Birth: 19 Apr 1854 Butler, Wayne, New York, United States

Death: 15 Aug 1898 Garnett, Anderson, Kansas, United States

Father: David Harder

Mother: Hannah Edwards

Name: Edson Erwin HARDER

Birth: Oct 1864 Illinois

Death: 23 Sep 1932 Lockport, Illinois

Father: Theodore Harder

Mother: Susan Berlings

Name: Eleanor "Nona" Harder

Birth: October 25, 1869 Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 7 Aug 1949 Green Bay, Brown, Wisconsin, United States

Father: S. Harder

Mother: Susan Emily Brunier Brunette

Name: Wilhelmine Harder

Birth: 14 Mar 1864 Macklenburg

Death: 24 AUG 1932 Mt. Clemens, MI

Father: Johann Harder

Mother: Anna Kleinow

Name: Thomas HARDER

Birth: 22 Sep 1797 Orange, North Carolina, United States

Death: 30 Nov 1876 Missouri

Father: John Harder

Mother: Delilah Powell

Name: Elizabeth HARDER

Birth: Jun 1863 Russia

Death: 20 Jun 1940 York, Nebr

Father: Franz Harder

Mother: Elizabeth Schmidt

Name: Katherine ("Katie") Harder

Birth: Mar 1884 Germantown, Columbia, New York, USA

Death: 1961 New York, USA

Father: Arthur Horace Harder

Mother: Margaret L Miller Harder

Name: Charles W. Harder

Birth: Mar 1872 Pennsylvania

Death: 23/07/1965 PA

Father: Philip H Harder

Mother: Christiana Ranker

Name: Ralph Richmond Harder

Birth: 15 Dec 1939 Los Angeles, Calif

Death: 29 May 2010 Placerville, El Dorado, California, USA

Father: Winston Thomas Schmidt Harder

Mother: Dorothy Louise Smith

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