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Name: James Gilligan

Birth: abt 1849 Pennsylvania

Death: Jul 1885 Dunmore, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: John GILLIGAN

Mother: Sarah Collins Gilligan

Name: John J Gilligan

Birth: abt 1890 Pennsylvania

Death: 22 September 1959 Lansdowne, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Gilligan

Mother: Sarah Stanislaus Clements-Gilligan

Name: Bartholomew Gilligan

Birth: Mar 1824 Ireland

Death: 11 Dec 1905 Ivesdale, Champaign Co., IL USA

Father: Laurence Gilgan

Mother: Catherine Carroll

Name: David GILLIGAN

Birth: abt 1826 County Cork, Ireland

Death: 24 Dec 1871 Elkport, Clayton, Iowa USA

Father: Michael Gilligan

Mother: Winefred Kivlehan

Name: Patrick Gilligan

Birth: 22 Sep 1903 New York

Death: 9 Sep 1972 White Plains, Westchester County, NY

Father: Patrick Gilligan

Mother: Louisa Dunn

Name: anna g gilligan

Birth: 20 Dec 1885 Ohio

Death: 13 May 1964 Westview, Bergen, New Jersey, USA

Father: James M Gilligan

Mother: Bertha G. Smith

Name: Norma J Gilligan

Birth: July 5, 1926 Idaho

Death: 27 Sep 1998 Bremerton, WA

Father: John Calvin Gilligan

Mother: Estella Mae Baxter

Name: Paul Francis Gilligan

Birth: 20 Apr 1917 Carbondale, Pennsylvania

Death: 09 Dec 1990 Haddonfield, Camden, New Jersey, USA

Father: Edward James Gilligan

Mother: Florence Wasman

Name: Eugene F Gilligan

Birth: 03 Aug 1919 New York City, New York, USA

Death: 04 Aug 1975 Randolph, NJ

Father: Eugene Patrick Gilligan

Mother: Anna M Simmons

Name: Maude S Gilligan

Birth: abt 1878 Ohio

Death: 15 May 1966 South Dakota

Father: Walter Gilligan

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Henry

Name: Michael Joseph Gilligan

Birth: Sep 1865 Ireland

Death: 26 Feb 1938 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Father: John Gilligan

Mother: Sarah Gallagher

Name: Vera Gilligan

Birth: 22 Oct 1926 Detroit, Michigan

Death: June 21, 2018 Florida, USA

Father: Roscoe E. Gilligan

Mother: Mary Ellen Moore

Name: Charles Albert Gilligan

Birth: 21 Nov 1910 Pennsylvania

Death: 26 Jul 1973 Pittsburgh, PA

Father: Joseph Leo Gilligan

Mother: Elizabeth Julia Campbell

Name: Daniel Edward GILLIGAN

Birth: 2 Jan 1874 Greene, Iowa, United States

Death: 25 December 1963 Arizona, USA

Father: Daniel Gilligan

Mother: Alice Healy

Name: Mary gilligan

Birth: 24 May 1928 Yonkers, New York

Death: 19 June 2005 Powhatan Nursing Home, Falls Church, Virginia

Father: James Tierney Gilligan

Mother: Marion Price

Name: Michael Gilligan

Birth: abt 1835 Ireland

Death: 21 Jan 1912 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Daniel Gilligan

Mother: Margaret Clarke

Name: Eugene Henry Gilligan

Birth: 1890/11/11 San Francisco, CA

Death: 1952/06/25 Levine Hospital, Hayward, CA (Alameda Co.)

Father: John Thomas Gilligan

Mother: Celia Gantner

Name: John Martin Gilligan

Birth: 24 Jun 1826 Ireland

Death: 11 Apr 1913 East St. Louis, Illinois

Father: Martin Gilligan

Mother: Honora Kelley

Name: Kathryn M Gilligan

Birth: abt 1913 Illinois

Death: 7 Jan 1997 La Salle, La Salle, Illinois, United States of America

Father: John Patrick Gilligan

Mother: Lillian Spitz

Name: Loretta Agnes Gilligan

Birth: 23 Jun 1902 Armstrong, Emmet, Iowa

Death: 30 Jun 1983 Lombard, Du Page, Illinois

Father: Thomas Eugene Gilligan

Mother: Mary Agnes Trench

Name: James B Gilligan

Birth: abt 1868 Minnesota

Death: 14 Jan 1959 Cuda, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Patrick Gilligan

Mother: Anne Kennedy

Name: Pat Gilligan

Birth: 1878 Tarmon,Kilkee,County Clare , Ireland

Death: 1965 New York, USA

Father: Michael Gilligan

Mother: Bridget McGan

Name: Thomas R Gilligan

Birth: 7 Mar 1936 Hamilton, Ohio, United States

Death: 1980 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio

Father: James Joseph Gilligan

Mother: Lillian M Volz

Name: Francis Gilligan

Birth: 15th October 1876 Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim. Ireland

Death: 26th February 1946 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Gilligan

Mother: Anne Rooney

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