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Results for "fox"

Name: Marvin Fox

Birth: 1875 MO

Death: 23 Jul 1956 Salem, Dent, Missouri, USA

Father: Pheling Fox

Mother: Mariah McGuirre

Name: Susan Jane Fox

Birth: 27 Nov 1904 Jefferson Township, Jackson, Ohio

Death: 3 Aug 1986 Wellston, Jackson, Ohio

Father: Theodore Robert Fox

Mother: Amanda Ann Friend

Name: sophia fox

Birth: October 1884 Cambois, Northumberland, England

Death: Sep 1957 Northumberland Central, Northumberland, England

Father: James Fox

Mother: Margaret Thompson

Name: Silas Fox

Birth: 2 Jun 1840 Cocke, Tennessee, United States

Death: 18 Mar 1923 Douglas, Nebraska, United States

Father: William Fox

Mother: Anne "Annie" Ellis

Name: Thomas Edward Fox

Birth: 1885 Winooski, VT

Death: 17 Feb 1946 Colchester, Chittenden, Vermont, USA

Father: Thomas Fox

Mother: Catherine Connell

Name: John Fox

Birth: abt 1887 Maryland

Death: 05 Nov 1953 Kansas City, Missouri

Father: John Henry Fox

Mother: Louisa C Schmidt

Name: William Allen Fox

Birth: 09 Aug 1882 PA, pb Hughesville, Lycpoming Co., PA

Death: 26 Mar 1918 Kenosha, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Father: George W Fox

Mother: Flora Allen

Name: Elias S Fox

Birth: 28 Dec 1834 Ohio

Death: 23 May 1912 Washington, Hancock County, Ohio, USA

Father: William Fox

Mother: Elizabeth Whaley

Name: Mae Fox

Birth: 8 Dec. 1913 Tennessee

Death: 07 Feb 2007 Jellico, Campbell, Tennessee

Father: James Fox

Mother: Laura Magnolia Cagle

Name: Henry Fox

Birth: 22 Jan 1881 Georgia, USA

Death: Sep 1952 Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Father: Henry Austin Fox

Mother: Mary Watson Dusenbery

Name: Albert Phadredge Fox

Birth: 29 Oct 1908 Canadian, OK, USA

Death: 20 May 1992 Madera, Madera, California, USA

Father: Philip Newton Fox

Mother: Hattie Mae CARMICHAEL

Name: Thomas Fox

Birth: 1851 Dartmouth, Devon, England

Death: 1921 Southampton St Mary, Hampshire, England

Father: Richard Fox

Mother: Agnes Camp

Name: Marilyn A Fox

Birth: 21 May 1931 Williams County, Ohio, USA

Death: 27 Jul 2007 Morehead City, North Carolina

Father: Andrew W Fox

Mother: Iva Mae LINDSEY

Name: Thos. Fox

Birth: 4Q 1842 Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England UK

Death: Jul 1910 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom

Father: Edward Fox

Mother: Maria Wydell

Name: Dorothy Haines Fox

Birth: 15 Oct 1830 Greene County, Pennsylvania

Death: 24 Oct 1921 Wayne Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania

Father: John Haines

Mother: Jane John

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