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Name: William Demitrious Fotopoulos

Birth: 1 Jan 1871 Vitena, Gartinias, Greece

Death: 21 Nov 1957 Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA

Father: Demitrious Fotopoulos

Mother: Paniyota Fotopoulos

Name: George S Fotopoulos

Birth: 31 Mar 1944 manthyrea, Tripolis, Arkadhia, Peloponnisos, Greece

Death: 2011 South, county, hospital, Wakefield, Washington, Rhode Island, USA

Father: Spyridon Fotopoulos

Mother: Constantina Pappageorgiou

Name: Nickolaos Fotopoulos

Birth: 31 Dec 1931 Vresthena, Lakonia, Peloponnisos, Greece

Death: 24 Aug 1976 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Father: Triantafillos Fotopoulos

Mother: Christina Bakkas

Name: Nicholas P. Fotopoulos

Birth: 15 May 1933 Pelekanos, Kozani, Greece

Death: 18 Jan 2016 Lower Saucon Twp

Father: Zissis Fotopoulos

Mother: Afroditi Zois

Name: Dionisios Fotopoulos

Birth: 16 Aug 1937 New York, New York, USA

Death: 18 Mar 2014 Little Egg Harbor, Ocean, New Jersey, USA

Father: Fotios 'Fred' Fotopoulos

Mother: Marigo “”Maria” Maroulis

Name: Sam Fotopoulos

Birth: 15 Aug 1897 Greece

Death: 25 Oct 1995 Potomac, Montgomery, Maryland, USA

Father: Fotios Fotopoulos

Mother: Konstantina Sp. Kartsonis

Name: Giorgos Fotopoulos

Birth: 1904 GRC,,,Velanidio Ilias

Death: 10 SEP 1969 GRC,Peloponese,Messenia,Kalamata

Father: Pavlos Fotopoulos

Mother: Kryssoula

Name: Dimitrios Fotopoulos

Birth: 1908 Diavato, Veria, N.Imathias,Greece

Death: 2003 Diavato, Veria, N.Imathias,Greece

Father: Athanasios Fotopoulos

Mother: Anastasia

Name: Georgia Fotopoulos

Birth: Apr 1885 Arkadhia, Peloponnisos, Greece

Death: 15 Dec 1912 Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Athanaseos Fotopoulos

Mother: Vasilo Vasiliki Mandrakos

Name: Stella Fotopoulos

Birth: 21 Oct 1916 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Death: 14 Jan 1970 Cook County, IL

Father: Vassilios Fotopoulos

Mother: Mary Bouzious

Name: Nicholas Fotopoulos

Birth: 1928 Lidoríkion, Fokis, Central Greece, Greece

Death: 3 Aug 2011 Schererville, Lake, Indiana, USA

Father: George Fotopoulos

Mother: Maria Klosssas Fotopoulos

Name: Mary- Jo Fotopoulos

Birth: 10 Jun 1939 New Jersey

Death: 2020 New Jersey

Father: James M Harriot

Mother: Alice Margaret Sheridan

Name: Chrysoula Fotopoulos

Birth: 29 Jul 1912 Kalamata, Messinia, Peloponnisos, Greece

Death: 28 may 2005 Overland Park, Johnson, Kansas, USA

Father: Dionysios Fotopoulos

Mother: Peggy Theodopolis

Name: Olympia Fotopoulos

Birth: 1867 Calamara, Messinia, Peloponnisos, Greece

Death: 1967 Piperitsa, Messinia, Peloponnisos, Greece

Father: Panayiotis Fotopoulos

Mother: Theodora Tsakanikos

Name: George Fotopoulos

Birth: 1963 Hammond, Lake, Indiana, USA

Death: 1 Jan 2017 Portage, Porter, Indiana, USA

Father: Nicholaos Fotopoulos

Mother: Kathy Fotopoulos

Name: Dimitri Fotopoulos

Birth: 1860 Kos Greece

Death: 1910 Kos Greece

Father: Athanasios Fotopoulos

Mother: ? Fotos

Name: Nick Fotopoulos

Birth: 18 Jul 1925 Illinois

Death: 23 Sep 2004 Hinsdale, Du Page, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Vassilios Fotopoulos

Mother: Mary Bouzious

Name: Eleftheria T Fotopoulos

Birth: 04 Aug 1918 Vresthena Nomou Lakonias Ellas,

Death: 02 May 2006 Chicago Ill u s a

Father: Triantafillos Fotopoulos

Mother: Christina Bakkas

Name: Christine Fotopoulos

Birth: 13 Mar 1921 New York City

Death: 2 Sep 2005 Palisades Park, New Jersey

Father: Peter Fotopoulos

Mother: Virginia Vera Kokalis

Name: Jane Ellen Fotopoulos

Birth: 25 Jul 1956 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Death: 11 Feb 2001 Villa Park, Du Page, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Angelo Charles Fotopoulos

Mother: Joan Marie Tecca

Name: John Fotopoulos

Birth: Abt. 1860 Lidoriki, Fokidos, Greece

Death: Not Available Lidoríkion, Fokis, Central Greece, Greece

Father: Georgios Fotopoulos

Mother: Maria Kostas

Name: Konstantinos Fotopoulos

Birth: 26 Sep 1888 Greece

Death: 1956

Father: Christos Fotopoulos

Mother: Vasiliki Economos

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