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Results for "ford"

Name: Mary Elizabeth Ford

Birth: 23 Apr 1884 Elon Orange Co Indiana

Death: 15 Sep 1970 Birdseye, Dubois co., IN

Father: Richard Ford

Mother: Nancy Cope

Name: Sarah Thelma Ford

Birth: 18 Apr 1922 Caruthersville, Pemiscot, Missouri

Death: 04 Jun 2005 St Louis, Missouri, USA

Father: Wilson Francis Ford

Mother: Tennessee Frances Graham

Name: Isaac 'Maynard' Ford

Birth: 23 Oct 1907 Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Death: 2003 Massachusetts

Father: David Ford

Mother: Frances Maynard

Name: Frederick A Ford

Birth: April 1877 Weymouth, Dorset

Death: 1916 St Pancras, London, England *POSSIBLE*

Father: Alfred Albert Ford

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Clark

Name: William C Ford

Birth: 11 Jun 1818 Haywood, North Carolina, United States

Death: 03/09/1893 Walker, Alabama, USA

Father: John Tipton Ford

Mother: Anna McMullin

Name: Alfred Ford

Birth: 22 Dec 1849 Birkenhead Cheshire

Death: Jan/Feb/Mar 1924 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England

Father: Alfred Ford

Mother: Bridget Garrahan Garaghan

Name: Cora B Ford

Birth: 21 Feb 1877 Tennessee

Death: May 1967 Gibson County, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: John Manley Ford

Mother: Mary Pratt

Name: Margaret Ford

Birth: 09 FEB 1883 Spring Grove Twp., Linn Co., Iowa

Death: 8 May 1939 Rice Lake, Barron County, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Enos J Ford

Mother: Mary Samantha Abel

Name: Fred Grayham Ford

Birth: 9 Dec 1897 Worth County, Georgia

Death: 6 September 1985 Georgia, United States of America

Father: Robert Ford

Mother: Kate Gabriella Varner

Name: Theodore Ford

Birth: 1884 Amherst, Virginia, USA

Death: 7 May 1961 Lynchburg, Virginia, USA

Father: Simeon Walter Ford

Mother: Nannie Belle Phillips

Name: james albert ford

Birth: 23 JUN 1883 Alabama

Death: 19 OCT 1958 Cookville, Titus, TX

Father: Andrew J Ford

Mother: Martha Elizabeth Parker

Name: Minnie M Ford

Birth: 18 December 1896 Tennessee

Death: 18 Sep 1977 Bradford, Gibson, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: John Manley Ford

Mother: Mary Pratt

Name: John E FORD

Birth: Apr 1827 Virginia, United States

Death: 1906 Rockingham, VA, USA

Father: Tipton A Ford

Mother: Mary Anna Smith

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