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Name: John Arvid Elg

Birth: 12 May 1890 Sweden

Death: 29 Jan 1954 New Sweden, Bonneville, Idaho, USA

Father: Per Alfred Andersson-Elg

Mother: selma josefina bro

Name: Eben Elg

Birth: 23 Aug 1898 Selma Township

Death: 18 Sep 1998 Mountain Lake, Cottonwood, Minnesota

Father: Carl Gustaf Elg

Mother: Ida Caroline Anderson

Name: Augusta Charlotta ELG

Birth: 24 Jun 1866 Byarum, Jonkoping, Sweden

Death: 5 Jun 1938 Ramsey, Minnesota, United States

Father: Lars Göransson Elg

Mother: Maria Charlotta Johannesdotter Wik

Name: John Elg

Birth: 20 Jun 1851 Sweden

Death: 18 Mars 1938 Svenljunga (P)

Father: Anders Johan Elg

Mother: Greta Lovisa Olofsdotter

Name: Beda Fredrica Elg

Birth: 20 June 1874 Sweden

Death: 3 October 1953 Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon, USA

Father: Lars Fredrik Elg

Mother: Anna Carolina Persdotter

Name: Anders Elg

Birth: 15 Jun 1860 Ostra Elslova, Mjolby

Death: 1927 Lutheran Hospital, Ft. Dodge Iowa

Father: Carl Peterson Elg

Mother: Hedda Carin Svensson

Name: Edward Elg

Birth: 30 Nov 1892 Eagle Rock, Ida.

Death: June 1965 Idaho

Father: Lars Elg

Mother: Maria Charlotta Sellström

Name: Lili Marie Elg

Birth: 26 Jul 1901 Wooslee Mass

Death: 12 Nov 1933 Lansing, Ingham, Michigan, USA

Father: Axel Emanuel Elg

Mother: Kristina Josefina Kallman

Name: Elmer G Elg

Birth: 26 October 1917 Idaho Falls, Bonneville County, Idaho, USA

Death: 27 December 1983 Idaho Falls, Bonneville County, Idaho, USA

Father: John Arvid Elg

Mother: Olga Maria Jonsson

Name: Carl Otto Elg

Birth: 22 Jul 1867 Sweden

Death: 21 Jun 1937 Beltrami Co, MN

Father: Olof Elg

Mother: Maria Christina Jonsdotter

Name: Grace Lenora Elg

Birth: 22 April 1918 Mill Creek, Utah

Death: 09 aug 2002 Riverside County, California, USA

Father: Lorenzo Forsling Elg

Mother: Lenora Josephine HILL

Name: David Valfrid Elg

Birth: 28 Jun 1899 New Jersey

Death: Oct 1982 Dover, Morris, New Jersey, USA

Father: Janne Gottfrid Andersson

Mother: Amanda Kristina Johansdotter

Name: Carl L Elg

Birth: 11 Feb 1920 Becker, Minnesota, USA

Death: 4 Jan 1998 Balsam Lake, Polk, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Martin Elg (Larson)

Mother: Sophia 'Sophie' Lehman

Name: Allen Arvid Elg

Birth: 9 Aug 1924 Idaho

Death: 29 May 1987 Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA

Father: John Arvid Elg

Mother: Olga Maria Jonsson

Name: Harold Elg

Birth: 16 February 1925 New Jersey

Death: 2 Dec 2013 New Jersey, USA

Father: Axel Rupert Elg

Mother: Marion Skewes

Name: Aron Aaron ELG

Birth: Abt. 1861 Sweden

Death: 3 Jun 1934 Lake, Minnesota

Father: Gustaf Elg

Mother: Maria Sofia Bork

Name: Gordon Earl Elg

Birth: 07 Feb 1913 Minnesota, USA

Death: 29 Jul 1986 San Diego

Father: Martin Elg (Larson)

Mother: Sophia 'Sophie' Lehman

Name: Anna Elg

Birth: 3 February 1859 Sunnemo, Varmlands, Sweden

Death: 27 Mar 1947 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States

Father: Per Johan Elg

Mother: Anna Kajsa Lundqvist

Name: Gladdesa Elg

Birth: 14 March 1907 Selma, Cottonwood, Minnesota

Death: 11 Feb 1985 Red Wing, Goodhue County, Minnesota

Father: Oscar Vilhelm Andersson Elg

Mother: Anna Amalia Andersson

Name: Charles W. Elg

Birth: 17 Aug 1905 Eldred, Polk, Minnesota

Death: 28 June 1995 Cheboygan County, Michigan

Father: John E Elg

Mother: Emma Elg

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