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Name: Maggie L Crafford

Birth: abt 1896 Alabama

Death: Oct 1980 Pelham, Shelby, Alabama, United States of America

Father: William H Crowford

Mother: Ida L Taylor

Name: Henry Stant Crafford

Birth: 16 Mar. 1884 Phillips County, Arkansas, USA

Death: Nov 1980 Marion, Grant, Indiana, United States of America

Father: Henry Crawford Crafford

Mother: Frances G Hill

Name: Lloyd Crafford

Birth: 9 Dec 1927 Isle of Wight, Virginia, USA

Death: 12 Aug 1980 Newport News, Virginia, USA

Father: Lloyd Tilden Crafford

Mother: Elin Larsen

Name: Annie Crafford

Birth: 1878 Lee Hall, Warwick County, Virginia

Death: 26 Mar 1960 Newport News, Virginia

Father: Dr. Crafford

Mother: Eva Mae Salter

Name: Earl Johnston Crafford

Birth: 5 Jul 1886 Missouri

Death: 2 August 1963 Atlanta, Macon, Missouri, USA

Father: Andrew Johnson Crawford

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Lyda

Name: Charles Crafford

Birth: Jul 1876 England

Death: 18 Jan 1937 Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Charles John Crafford

Mother: Caroline White

Name: Mildred F Crafford

Birth: abt 1907 Michigan

Death: 10 Mar 1989 Howell, Livingston, Michigan, USA

Father: Charles Crawford

Mother: Minerva 'Minnie' Nichols

Name: Thomas Crafford

Birth: abt 1792 Hammersmith, Middlesex, England

Death: 18 MAR 1879 Middlesex, England

Father: Joseph Crafford

Mother: Susanna Hall

Name: Charles J Crafford

Birth: Aug 1850 Lambeth, Surrey, England

Death: 9 Dec 1909 San Bernardino, California, USA

Father: John Robert Crafford

Mother: Susannah Gould

Name: John Crafford

Birth: 21 Mar 1865 Millington, Tennessee, USA

Death: 5 Feb 1937 Cotton Plant, Woodruff, Arkansas, USA

Father: Henry Crawford Crafford

Mother: Susan Angelina Tinnen

Name: Lily Ellen Crafford

Birth: 26 Mar 1875 Kansas

Death: 12 Dec 1961 Brightwater, Benton, Arkansas, United States

Father: John C. Crafford

Mother: Anna Melissa White

Name: Emily S Crafford

Birth: abt 1853 Chadwell, Middlesex, England

Death: Oct 1937 Essex, England

Father: John Robert Crafford

Mother: Susannah Gould

Name: Glenn D Crafford

Birth: 26 Jun 1893 Cowles, Webster, Nebraska, USA

Death: 2 Feb 1963 San Diego

Father: Noah W Crafford

Mother: Mary E. Nicholas

Name: Jane Crafford

Birth: abt 1821 Warwick, Surrey, England

Death: 1904 Woolwich kent

Father: William Crafford

Mother: Jane Popham

Name: Eula Lorene Crafford

Birth: 27 Nov 1913 Kennett, Dunklin, Missouri, United States

Death: 21 Apr 1973 Kennett, Dunklin, Missouri, United States

Father: John Franklin Crafford

Mother: Edith Mae Turner

Name: Anilou Crafford

Birth: 08/19/1916 Newport News, VA

Death: 2 Feb 2006 Lake Waccamaw, Columbus, North Carolina

Father: Edward Tilden Crafford

Mother: Sarah Frances Kirby

Name: Mary Crafford

Birth: abt 1860 IA

Death: 4 Oct 1937 San Diego, California, USA

Father: Jackson J Nicholas

Mother: Lucinda Lewis

Name: Hattie Louise Crafford

Birth: 13 Aug 1920 Tennessee

Death: 30 Mar 1989 Fisk, Butler, Missouri, USA

Father: Gordon Meade Hull

Mother: Dollie Ella Robinson

Name: Frances Powell Crafford

Birth: 5 Jun 1918 South Boston, Halifax County, Virginia

Death: 15 Jun 2002 Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA

Father: William Powell

Mother: Nannie Pat Ingram

Name: Madeline Elisabeth Crafford

Birth: 16 Jul 1912 East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island, USA

Death: 28 May 1997 Pawtucket, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Father: Thomas Henry Blaney

Mother: Hildur Gustafson

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