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Results for "brown"

Name: Marjorie J Brown

Birth: 25 Nov 1903 Oriskany, New York, USA

Death: 28 Mar 1963 Oriskany NY

Father: Frank E. Brown

Mother: Florence E Lowery

Name: Clara Grace Brown

Birth: 31 May 1888 Michigan

Death: 15 Oct 1973 Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California, United States of America

Father: Arthur Wilde Brown

Mother: Mattie Russell Brown

Name: William H. Brown

Birth: 13 May 1875 Wisconsin, United States

Death: 1942 Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co, WI, USA

Father: Ambrose Brown

Mother: Catherine Doyle

Name: Garibadi Touten Brown

Birth: 8 Nov 1862 Alabama, United States

Death: 18 Dec 1923 Titus, Texas

Father: John Brown

Mother: Martha A Leeman

Name: Mary Brown

Birth: 26 Mar 1886 Jefferson, Indiana, USA

Death: 1960 Jefferson, Indiana, USA

Father: Nathaniel Brown

Mother: Sarah M Phillips

Name: Sarah Brown

Birth: 21 May 1839 Lofthouse, Yorkshire, England

Death: 10 Jan 1923 York Co., Ontario, Canada

Father: Joseph L'Oste Brown

Mother: Anne Burton Bradley

Name: Albert R Brown

Birth: 1910 TX

Death: 8 Apr 1990 Wisconsin, Racine

Father: Albert Robert Brown

Mother: Daisy P Goodman (Brown)

Name: Sarah E. Brown

Birth: 24 Sep 1866 Wilkes County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 16 October 1939 Albertville, Marshall County, Alabama, United States of America

Father: Martin Brown

Mother: Sarah Ann Hall

Name: Bonnie (5) Brown

Birth: 21 Feb 1905 Fines Creek, Haywood, North Carolina, USA

Death: 10 October 1976 Eden, Rockingham, North Carolina, USA

Father: John Brown

Mother: Mary Trantham

Name: Charles Mathew Brown

Birth: 1 NOV 1873 Shullsburg, Lafayette County, WI

Death: 30 JUN 1943 Platteville, Grant County, WI

Father: William Brown

Mother: Sarah Katherine Bright

Name: John Brown

Birth: abt 1840 Kirkentillock, Dumbartonshire

Death: 29 January 1924 Cadder, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Father: John Brown

Mother: Ann HENDRY

Name: Catherine Brown

Birth: 1863 Louisiana, USA

Death: 26 Aug 1945 Jeffersonville, Clark, Indiana, USA

Father: Thomas Brown

Mother: Ellen Brown

Name: Jannie Brown

Birth: 1878 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Death: 1910 St Helena Parish, Louisiana, USA

Father: Robert Brown

Mother: Ellen T Johnston

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