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Name: William Ball

Birth: 20 Apr 1819 Wooton under Edge, Gloucester, England

Death: 11 Nov 1897 Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Father: John Ball

Mother: Ann Eliza Spencer

Name: Ed Ball

Birth: Jul 12, 1892 Carney, Lincoln, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 1940 Muskogee, Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Henderson Merle Ball*

Mother: Alice E. Rash

Name: Joshua Bythewood Ball

Birth: 01 Apr 1837 Parish of Portsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

Death: 12 Aug 1897 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

Father: John Ball

Mother: Ann Wyatt

Name: Spencer Tunnel Ball

Birth: 10 March 1845 Russell Co. VA

Death: 12 Jul 1921 Garden, Buchanan, Virginia, USA

Father: James Ballard Ball

Mother: Jane Jennie Tunnell

Name: Birdie B Ball

Birth: 7 Feb 1899 Kansas, USA

Death: June 18, 1957 Sumner County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Zachariah Tilman Ball

Mother: Isadore Bales

Name: Mary Frances Ball

Birth: 6 September 1835 Ballston, Arlington County, Virginia, United States of America

Death: 1 August 1914 District of Columbia, United States of America

Father: John Ball

Mother: Margaret Ann Shreve

Name: Saloma Loma Ball

Birth: 1858 Indiana, USA

Death: 04 Apr 1901 Poneto, Wells County, Indiana, USA

Father: Barton Ball

Mother: Sarah McDaniel

Name: Emblin/ Emiline Ball

Birth: 16 Nov 1788 North Meols, Lancashire, , England

Death: 1 December 1831 Southport, Lancashire, England

Father: John Ball

Mother: Mary Jane Barton

Name: Charles Ball

Birth: 1876 Stafford St Mary, Staffordshire, , England

Death: 6 Feb 1911 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Father: Henry Ball

Mother: Sarah Goodall

Name: Jonatha C. Ball

Birth: Nov 1850 Hanover, Columbiana, Ohio, USA

Death: 20 Jun 1931 Columbiana, Ohio, USA

Father: David Ball

Mother: Rachel McCoy

Name: Jane Ball

Birth: 4 Jun 1848 South Petherton Somerset England

Death: Jun 1918 Shardlow, Derbyshire, England

Father: Samuel Baker

Mother: Mary Ann Burford

Name: Arley H Ball

Birth: abt 1891 Kentucky

Death: 1933 Greenup, Kentucky

Father: Miles Kirk Ball

Mother: Josephine Josie Jackson

Name: Myrtle Cora Ball

Birth: 28 Feb 1910 New Garden, Russell, Virginia

Death: 10 Dec 2000 Lancaster, Fairfield, Ohio

Father: Cornelius Bellamy Ball

Mother: Liuevenia Picket

Name: Jesse Ball

Birth: Jul 1897 Kentucky

Death: 18 Nov 1954 Clifton Forge, Clifton Forge, Virginia, USA

Father: James B Ball

Mother: Susan Nichols

Name: Jeff M. Ball

Birth: 1876 or 7 Henderson County, Kentucky

Death: November 16, 1919 Henderson County, Kentucky

Father: Syd D. Ball

Mother: Susan Charlotte WILSON

Name: Oscar F. Ball

Birth: 1 Jul 1894 Missouri

Death: 24 Aug 1946 California

Father: Clyde McClellan Ball

Mother: Susannah Mariah Foster

Name: Marie Ball

Birth: 07 Sep 1910 Monkstown, Fannin County, TX

Death: 12 Oct 1983 Garland, Dallas, Texas, United States

Father: Jasper Newton Ball

Mother: Sarah Jane Carter

Name: Aaron Ball

Birth: 14 Feb 1819 Guernsey, Ohio, United States

Death: 15 May 1889 McConnelsville, Morgan, Ohio, United States

Father: Thomas Ball

Mother: Mary HOUSE

Name: Polly M Ball

Birth: abt 1814 New York

Death: 03 Apr 1881 Salisbury, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA

Father: Unknown Clark

Mother: Maria Clark

Name: Hattie BALL

Birth: 1880 Texas

Death: 6 May 1952 Texas, United States

Father: Erwin Lincoln Ball

Mother: Nancy Laura West

Name: Ancil B Ball

Birth: 9 Sep 1835 Indiana

Death: 29 Jan 1912 Walla Walla, WA

Father: John Miller Ball

Mother: Mary Jane (Sippy) Bryant

Name: jonah ball

Birth: 18 Aug 1871 Lilleshall, Shropshire, England

Death: 23 July 1948 Bolton, Lancashire, England

Father: Emmanuel Manuel Ball

Mother: Emily Newnes

Name: Ruby Ball

Birth: 29 May 1902 Arkansas

Death: 30 May 1994 Lane, Oregon, United States

Father: Cecil Cebron Ball

Mother: Alice Rebecca Howard

Name: Rebecka Ball

Birth: Jul 1871 Tennessee

Death: 31 Mar 1931 Tennessee, USA

Father: Thomas Terrell Ball

Mother: Nancy Ball

Name: Will H. Ball

Birth: 21 Feb 1852 Harrison, Meigs County, Ohio, USA

Death: 4 Mar 1886 New London, Henry, Iowa, USA

Father: John Miles Ball

Mother: Lucy Ann Berkley

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