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Results for "arnold"

Name: Francis Ellen Arnold

Birth: 13 Jul 1851 Ohio

Death: 1935 Knox, Ohio, USA

Father: William J. Arnold

Mother: Anna Stahl Arnold

Name: James Arnold

Birth: 25 Nov 1896 Rains County, Texas, USA

Death: Oct 01 1976 Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA

Father: Lawrence Lee Arnold

Mother: Ida Frances Edwards

Name: Harriett L Arnold

Birth: 14 Oct 1849 Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee

Death: 13 Feb 1933 Goodson, Polk, Missouri, USA

Father: William Rudisill Arnold

Mother: Nancy Green GALLAHER

Name: Wilda Arnold

Birth: 16 August 1907 Michigan, USA

Death: 25 October 1985 Grand Traverse, Michigan, United States

Father: Lycurgus Arnold

Mother: Mary Alwilda Curren

Name: Charles T ARNOLD

Birth: Dec 1878 Ohio, United States

Death: Bef. 1930 Ohio

Father: Milton Nelson Arnold

Mother: Martha Jane Ater

Name: Catherine ARNOLD

Birth: 15 December 1861 Chanceford Township, York County, Pennsylvania

Death: 11 August 1917 Windsor Township, York County, Pennsylvania

Father: Adam ARNOLD

Mother: Mary Ann RUNKLE

Name: Phillip Arnold

Birth: 18 Oct 1843 Tuscarawas, Ohio, USA

Death: 14 Apr 1909 North Webster, Kosciusko, Indiana, USA

Father: Jacob Arnold

Mother: Anna Goeddel

Name: Lettie Belle Arnold

Birth: 24 Jan 1885 Warren Center, Pennsylvania

Death: 09 SEP 1950 Towanda, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Charles Elmer Arnold

Mother: Eunice E Adams

Name: Matthew William Arnold

Birth: May 26, 1914 Perry County, Indiana

Death: 5 May 1986 Berwyn, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Matthew White Arnold

Mother: Willia Shirley Marsch

Name: robert arnold

Birth: April 1851 Huntley, Cheadle, Staffordshire

Death: 30 Mar 1925 Staffordshire, England

Father: thomas arnold

Mother: Ellen Carter

Name: Mary Arthur Arnold

Birth: 6/9 1889 , Laurel, Kentucky, USA

Death: 9/12 1974 Bradley ILLINOIS

Father: Nathaniel Irvine Arnold

Mother: Elizabeth Raney

Name: George A Arnold

Birth: 18 Oct 1872 Northeast, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: January 29, 1964 North East, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Arnold

Mother: (Johanna Essick

Name: Louise A Arnold

Birth: 7 Jul 1897 South Carolina

Death: Oct 1986 Greenwood, Greenwood, South Carolina, United States of America

Father: Andrew Lee Arnold

Mother: Mattie Rampey

Name: Sarah R Arnold

Birth: 26 Sep 1856 Washington Township, Clay County, Indiana

Death: 24 Jul 1931 USA

Father: Jacob Arnold

Mother: Maria Walker

Name: Vester Roy Arnold

Birth: 31 Oct 1917 Dawson, Nebraska, USA

Death: 11 March 1970 Los Angeles

Father: Walter Harrison Arnold

Mother: Goldie M Arnold

Name: Virgil Webster Arnold

Birth: 26 Nov 1887 Athensville, Greene, Illinois, United States

Death: 1958 Center Point, Howard, Arkansas, United States

Father: William Edward Arnold

Mother: Sylvia A Neece

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