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Name: William Jordan

Birth: Jul 1839 Caroline County, VA

Death: 1894 Maryland, United States

Father: Robert Jordan

Mother: Martha Greenstreet

Name: William Jordan

Birth: 8/Apr/1888 Garden St, Ballina, Mayo, Ireland

Death: 7/Feb/1981 Ballina, Mayo, Ireland

Father: Patrick Jordan

Mother: Sabina Rooney


Birth: 1852 Illinois

Death: 1910 Barkley, Jasper, Indiana, USA

Father: Andrew Jordan

Mother: Amanda Devore

Name: William JORDAN

Birth: January 1856 St Neots, Huntingdonshire, England

Death: Mar 1937 St Neots, Huntingdonshire, England

Father: John JORDAN

Mother: Emma Jackson

Name: William Riley Jordan

Birth: 23 March 1845 Talladega, Alabama, USA

Death: 1 Dec 1903 Gilmer, Upshur, Texas, USA

Father: William Riley Jordan

Mother: Jane Emma Jackson

Name: William T. Jordan

Birth: 24 February 1851 Jennings, Jennings, Indiana, United States

Death: 27 January 1926 North Vernon, Jennings County, Indiana, USA

Father: Benjamin Jordan

Mother: Elisabeth Jordan

Name: William Leo Jordan

Birth: 22 Aug 1897 Hickory Co, MO, USA

Death: 25 Sep 1957 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, USA

Father: Walter Morlan Jordan

Mother: Hannah Ann Reddick

Name: William Madison Jordan

Birth: abt 1853 Alabama

Death: 30 APR 1912 MS?

Father: James Jourdan

Mother: Sarah Ann Gray

Name: William Mark Jordan

Birth: Sep 1861 Gwinnett, Georgia

Death: 1935 Lilburn, Gwinnett, Georgia

Father: Reverend Jordan

Mother: Leusinda "Ellen" Miller

Name: William Jordan

Birth: 13 Apr 1900 Winfield, Cowley, Kansas, United States

Death: 23 February 1974 Unknown

Father: Major Jordan

Mother: Catherine K. Gorman

Name: William Claud Jordan

Birth: 17 May 1901 Fannin, Texas, USA

Death: 12 Feb 1954 Greenville, Hunt County, Texas

Father: William Albert Jordan

Mother: Narcissus Emmaline Edgar

Name: William Jordan

Birth: 9 Jul 1903 Mocksville, Davie, North Carolina, USA

Death: 22 Oct 1980 Mocksville, Davie, North Carolina

Father: Henry Valentine Jordan

Mother: Martha Louise Beck

Name: William Ellis Jordan

Birth: 31 Dec 1907 Pollock, Grant, Louisiana, United States

Death: 5 Sep 1981 Precinct no 3, Harris, Texas, USA

Father: William Jordan

Mother: Emma Beulah Boyd

Name: William M. Jordan

Birth: Mar 1866 Georgia

Death: 26 oct 1923 Los Angeles Assembly District 71, Los Angeles, California

Father: Elijah J Jordan

Mother: Florence Livermore

Name: William J Jordan

Birth: 28 January 1903 Dunmore, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 4 February 1953 215 Swartz Street, Dunmore, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: James Joseph Jordan

Mother: Mary Handley

Name: William T Jordan

Birth: 22 Apr 1881 Jones, Georgia, United States

Death: 2 Oct 1961 Caddo Par., La

Father: William J Jordan

Mother: Annie Virginia Ricketts

Name: William Jordan

Birth: 27 Jul 1831 Oldbury, Worcestershire, England

Death: 18 Jul 1919 Dudley, Worcestershire

Father: James Jordon

Mother: Charlotte Townsend

Name: william jordan

Birth: 1803 Appleby Magna, Leicestershire, England

Death: june 1849 Appleby Magna, Leicestershire, England

Father: William Jordan

Mother: Ann

Name: William Jordan

Birth: 18 Apr 1839 Pike Co., GA

Death: 13 Dec 1864 Georgia

Father: John T Jordan

Mother: Mary Jane Holmes

Name: William Early Jordan

Birth: 4 Feb 1892 Isle of Wight, Virginia

Death: 5 Jul 1981 Chesapeake, Independent Cities, Virginia, USA

Father: William Walter Jordan

Mother: Nancy Diggs

Name: William Jordan

Birth: 15 Mar 1916 TennesseeUSA

Death: Jan 1982 Washburn, Grainger, Tennessee, USA

Father: Jerome Franklin Jordan

Mother: Julia Hopson

Name: William Sampson JORDAN

Birth: 3 Oct 1845 Houston, Alabama, United States

Death: 4 Mar 1931 Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia, United States

Father: John Henry Jordan

Mother: Catherine Thomas

Name: William Bryan Jordan

Birth: 21 Jun 1896 Perquimans County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 24 October 1986 Perquimans County, North Carolina, USA

Father: William Henry Jordan

Mother: Sarah Louisa Hollowell

Name: William Jordan

Birth: 1843 Georgia

Death: 19 Jul 1881 Georgia

Father: James Nelson Jordan

Mother: Mary Polly Vickery

Name: William V. Jordan

Birth: 1879 Virginia, USA

Death: Sept 24 1944 Beckley, West Virginia

Father: Henry Vincent Jordan

Mother: Mary Terry BUFORD

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