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Results for "thomas linton"

Name: Thomas Alney Linton

Birth: 1845 Kentucky

Death: 03 Aug 1902 Logan County, Kentucky, USA

Father: Benjamin Burkett Linton

Mother: Nancy Jane Newman

Name: thomas lawrence linton

Birth: 08/20/1918 walton, ky

Death: 31 May 1976 (buried Floral Hill Memorial Garden, Taylor Mill) Kenton, Kentucky

Father: Arthur M Linton

Mother: Viola M Brooks

Name: Thomas Samuel Linton

Birth: 16 Nov 1838 Chipman, Sunberry County, New Brunswick, Canada

Death: 24 Mar 1916 Jamestown, Cloud County, Kansas USA

Father: Stephen LINTON

Mother: Jane MILLER

Name: Thomas D Linton

Birth: 1905 Leonard, Fannin Co, Texas, USA

Death: 15 Jul 1940 Detroit, Red River, Texas, USA

Father: John Avner Linton

Mother: Betty Elizabeth Holcomb

Name: Thomas William Linton

Birth: April 1887 Hackney, London, London, England

Death: 28 September 1948 Volga, Brookings, South Dakota, United States

Father: William Linton

Mother: Anne Bennet

Name: Thomas Edwin LINTON

Birth: 15 Apr 1881 Junction City, Kansas, USA

Death: 15 May 1954 Palmerton, Carbon, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Charles L Linton

Mother: Ellen MATHERS

Name: Thomas Linton

Birth: 4 November 1844 Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, United States of America

Death: 9 November 1927 Fennimore, Grant County, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Dutton Linton

Mother: Elizabeth A. Cassingham

Name: Thomas Linton

Birth: 1805 1653973, New Brunswick, Canada

Death: 1880 Aroostock, Maine, United States

Father: Aaron Linton

Mother: Eunice Greenlaw

Name: Thomas Linton

Birth: Dec 1860 Bedminster

Death: 1955 Tasmania, Australia

Father: Samuel Linton

Mother: Sarah Curtis

Name: Thomas Crewdson Linton

Birth: abt 1814 Kentucky, USA

Death: Jan 1884 Jordan, Fillmore, Minnesota, United States

Father: Rev. Linton

Mother: Lucy Crewdson

Name: Thomas Densmore LINTON

Birth: 14 Apr 1902 Kentucky

Death: 18 MAY 1978 Logan Co. KY

Father: Benjamin Procter Linton

Mother: Vitula Ragland

Name: Thomas Linton

Birth: 02 Aug 1845 Bradon Station, Hamilton Twp, Ontario

Death: 17 Feb 1926 Canandaigua, New York, USA

Father: William Linton

Mother: Elizabeth Chisholm

Name: Thomas H Linton

Birth: 15 Sep 1849 Virginia

Death: 03 Mar 1938 Accomack Co, VA

Father: Stephen W LINTON

Mother: Mary Hudson

Name: Thomas Lawrence Linton

Birth: 20 Jun 1927 Abbeville County

Death: March 3, 2005 Anderson, South Carolina, USA

Father: Joseph Linton

Mother: Dasiy Tillman

Name: Thomas Linton

Birth: 21 Sep 1846 Hamilton Township, Northumberland County, Ontario

Death: 31 Jan 1933 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Father: Alexander Linton

Mother: Mary Ann Weir

Name: Thomas Edward Linton

Birth: 22 Aug, 1901...SSDI Jul St. Marks, Fl.

Death: 15 Jun 1982 Leon, Florida, United States

Father: Thomas Andrew Linton

Mother: Nannie Lura Andrews

Name: Thomas William Linton

Birth: 18 Jul 1880 Viroqua, Vernon Co., Wisconsin

Death: 17 Apr 1970 Billings, Yellowstone, Montana, United States of America

Father: Thomas W Linton

Mother: Mary Emma Lewis

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