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Results for "pauline gardner"

Name: Pauline Reese Gardner

Birth: 27 May 1928 North Carolina

Death: 6 Jan 1962 Gaston, North Carolina, USA

Father: Dewey Franklin Reese

Mother: Alphia L Blackwell

Name: Pauline J Gardner

Birth: 1902 Chicago, Illinois

Death: 25 November 1998 Vincennes, Knox, Indiana, United States of America

Father: William Christian Gartner

Mother: Augusta Schildroth

Name: Pauline E Gardner

Birth: abt 1902 Virginia

Death: 22 Feb 1968 Staunton, Virginia, USA

Father: Sgt Curry

Mother: Stella J Curry

Name: Pauline B Gardner

Birth: 27Aug 1907 Oelwein, Fayette, Iowa, USA

Death: 28 June 2001 Torrance, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: William Anson Gardner

Mother: Alice Mae Hastings

Name: Pauline Sussana Gardner

Birth: 26 Nov 1919 Ohio

Death: 18 Nov 2008 Walbridge, Wood, Ohio

Father: Martellas Townsend Gardner

Mother: Ethel Burns

Name: Pauline Fanny Gardner

Birth: 13 Feb 1913 Mountain Valley, Henry County, VA

Death: 13 Jun 2000 Martinsville, Martinsville City, Virginia, USA

Father: John Robert Gardner

Mother: Virginia Hundley

Name: Pauline Gardner

Birth: Jun 1893 Rhode Island

Death: 20 February 1925 Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Father: Joseph Howard Gardiner

Mother: Josephine L Sisson

Name: Pauline Margaret Gardner

Birth: 16 Nov 1919 Healing Springs, Cleburne, Arkansas, USA

Death: 23 Aug 1998

Father: Blaine S Gardner

Mother: Orene Alma Shook

Name: Pauline Gardner

Birth: abt 1914 Oklahoma

Death: 11/09/2010

Father: James Taylor Gardner

Mother: Myrtle Murphy Burton

Name: Pauline A Gardner

Birth: 1871 New York

Death: 1919 Bronx, New York, USA

Father: Daniel Gardner

Mother: Sarah M Allis

Name: Pauline Gardner

Birth: Feb 1898 North Carolina

Death: 22 September 1983 Martin County, North Carolina, United States of America

Father: Benjamin Elexander Gardner

Mother: Zilphia Louise Norville

Name: Pauline Cecelia Gardner

Birth: 14 Sep 1925 East Pepperell, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 9 Jul 2001 Clifton, Passaic, New Jersey, USA

Father: William Joseph Gardner

Mother: Nellie Cecelia O'Brien

Name: Pauline Gardner

Birth: 29 Mar 1920 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA

Death: 25 Aug 2013

Father: James Hamilton GARDNER

Mother: Pauline Lydia Heringer

Name: Pauline Gardner

Birth: 30 January 1908 Henderson, Tennessee, United States

Death: 22 Jan 1971 , Madison, Tennessee, USA

Father: John Joseph Gardner

Mother: Martha Elizabeth Cunningham

Name: Pauline Gardner

Birth: abt 1907 Nebraska

Death: 11 Dec 1990 Sparks, Washoe, Nevada, USA

Father: William David Gardner

Mother: Bessie Hutchison

Name: Pauline K Gardner

Birth: abt 1909 Illinois

Death: Abt 1994

Father: Elmer Lloyd Kahler

Mother: Jean Olive Allott

Name: Pauline Mary Gardner

Birth: 25 Jan 1896 Church Point, Nova Scotia, Canada

Death: 1 Dec 1964

Father: Clarence Gardner

Mother: Maggie Comeau

Name: Pauline G Gardner

Birth: 11 Oct 1906 Waterloo, Black Hawk, iowa

Death: 24 Jan 1990 Washington, Warren, New Jersey, USA

Father: Private

Mother: Paul Erastus Gardner

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