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NAME: Nina Gladys Hale

BIRTH: 21 Nov 1905 Rose, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, USA

DEATH: 10 MAR 2001 Salina, Mayes, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: William Oscar Hale

MOTHER: Fannie Lee Gillum

NAME: Nina Marie Hale

BIRTH: 18 Mar 1914 Harrison, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 28 Apr 1972 Clarinda, Page, Iowa, USA

FATHER: James Henry Hale

MOTHER: Elva Jane Hubbard

NAME: Nina Zelma Hale

BIRTH: 10 Oct 1904 Largo, San Juan, New Mexico, USA

DEATH: 18 Nov 1998 Prescott, Yavapai, Arizona, United States of America

FATHER: Samuel Barkdall HALE

MOTHER: Sade Afalona McDaniel

NAME: Nina H Hale

BIRTH: 10 Apr 1887 Beardstown, Cass County, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 7 Mar 1960 Illinois, USA

FATHER: Charles H Hale

MOTHER: Bertha Seaman Hale

NAME: Nina Emogene Hale

BIRTH: 14 Mar 1919 Members, Colfax, New Mexico, USA

DEATH: 25 Jan 1991 Abilene, Taylor, Texas, United States of America

FATHER: George J Hale

MOTHER: Nina Mae Rasberry

NAME: Nina Bessie Hale

BIRTH: 9 Apr 1886 Bethany, Moultrie, Illinois, USA

DEATH: Aug 26, 1940 Joliet, Will, Illinois, USA

FATHER: John A Hale

MOTHER: Susan Lydia Strain

NAME: Nina Alma Hale

BIRTH: 30 Dec 1883 Arkansas, USA

DEATH: Mar 1975 Lewisville, Lafayette, Arkansas, USA

FATHER: Harry Alexander Hale

MOTHER: Ella Stephens

NAME: Nina Eliza Hale

BIRTH: 26 Jun 1883 Clinton Falls, Steele, Minnesota, USA

DEATH: 3//2//1954 Owatonna, Steele, Minnesota, USA

FATHER: Benjamin Pascal Hale

MOTHER: Tressa Pirkl

NAME: Nina Mae Hale

BIRTH: 03 NOV 1917 Gatewood, Fayette Co., West Virginia

DEATH: 8 Jul 1995 Jacksonville, St Johns, Florida, United States

FATHER: Frank Robert Butrick

MOTHER: Minnie Dexter Epperly

NAME: Nina Mae Hale

BIRTH: 2 Jan 1927 Emmett, Idaho, USA

DEATH: 16 Feb 2006 Nampa, Canyon, Idaho

FATHER: Fredrick George Hale

MOTHER: Genevieve Gordon

NAME: Nina Edna Hale

BIRTH: August 16, 1880 Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts

DEATH: June 12, 1908 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island

FATHER: Rollo Hale

MOTHER: Mary 'May' Jane Flagg

NAME: Nina Hale

BIRTH: 8 Aug 1891 Gibson, Tennessee

DEATH: 27 February 1943 McKenzie, Carroll County, Tennessee, USA

FATHER: Tom Hale

MOTHER: Harriett Jordan

NAME: Nina Luna Hale

BIRTH: 23 Apr 1857 Athens, Illinois

DEATH: 24 Oct 1945 Athens, Menard, Illinois

FATHER: Alexander Hale

MOTHER: Elvira Lemmon

NAME: Nina Hale

BIRTH: 19 Dec 1890 Alabama,Genesee,New York,USA

DEATH: 28 Feb 1919

FATHER: George Heale

MOTHER: Anna Sanders

NAME: Nina Hale

BIRTH: Apr 1887 New York, New York, USA

DEATH: 30 Aug 1958

FATHER: Norris P Hale

MOTHER: Mary Elvinia Root

NAME: Nina Marie Hale

BIRTH: 11 May 1931 Michigan

DEATH: 13 Sep 2008 Reedley, Fresno, California

FATHER: Ernest Victor Hale

MOTHER: Viola Marie Tobey

NAME: Nina Jo Hale

BIRTH: 15 September 1927 Caddo, Bryan, Oklahoma, USA

DEATH: 28 Jun 2014

FATHER: Oather Hale

MOTHER: Mildred Clyde Brister

NAME: Nina Faye Hale

BIRTH: abt 1937 Colorado

DEATH: 03 Jan 2015 Idaho, USA

FATHER: Ora Everett Hale

MOTHER: Cordelia May Earnest

NAME: Nina Joyce Hale

BIRTH: 27 MAR 1933 Buffalo, Erie, NY, USA

DEATH: 5 Nov 2001 San Diego California

FATHER: Willis T Hale

MOTHER: Edith Elizabeth Hepp

NAME: Nina Mae Hale

BIRTH: 28 Dec 1891 Alabama

DEATH: 10 Dec 1929 Byington, Knox, Tennessee

FATHER: Unknown Hale

MOTHER: Maggie Wilkerson

NAME: Nina Mae Hale

BIRTH: 26 February 1952 Harrah, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, United States of America

DEATH: 1 October 2013 Jones, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, United States of America

FATHER: Clinton Oliver Hale

MOTHER: Myrtle Lee Jones

NAME: Nina Hale

BIRTH: December 1889 Missouri, United States of America

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: George Douglas Hale

MOTHER: Minerva Jane Rogers

NAME: Nina Hale

BIRTH: Mar 1891 Michigan

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: James Henry Hale

MOTHER: Alice Arretta Miller


BIRTH: abt 1883 West Virginia

DEATH: 1967 Princeton, Mercer, West Virginia, USA

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Nina Hale

BIRTH: February 1855 Missouri

DEATH: 10 Apr 1922 Fayette, Kentucky

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private