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NAME: Nelson Harrison

BIRTH: 21 November 1825 Ohio

DEATH: 13 APR 1862 Franklin County, Ohio, USA

FATHER: Patterson Carter Harrison

MOTHER: Harriet Rothrock

NAME: Nelson Christopher Harrison

BIRTH: 7 Jan 1863 Wayne County, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 16 Apr 1961 Brunswick, Glynn, Georgia, USA

FATHER: Horatio Nelson Harrison

MOTHER: Elizabeth Strickland

NAME: Nelson Harrison

BIRTH: 1811 Rockingham, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 1857 Jackson, Ohio, USA

FATHER: William Harrison

MOTHER: Mary Fawcett Faucett

NAME: Nelson Harrison

BIRTH: 1821 Ashton, Lancashire, England

DEATH: 14 Apr 1874 Astley Deep Pit Dukinfield Cheshire

FATHER: Joseph Harrison

MOTHER: Lettice Woolley

NAME: Nelson Burr Harrison

BIRTH: 11 OCT 1879 Jackson,Ohio

DEATH: 28 Aug 1972 Bethany, Harrison, Missouri, United States of America

FATHER: Thomas Jay Harrison

MOTHER: Gertrude Leslie Williams

NAME: Nelson Floyd Harrison

BIRTH: 6 Mar 1928 Lincoln County, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 2013/03/17 Pike County MO

FATHER: Hershel Everett Harrison

MOTHER: Lola Helen Arend (Harrison)

NAME: Nelson Sturgis Harrison

BIRTH: 25 Sep 1884 Connecticut, United States

DEATH: 25 Jan 1964 Connecticut, United States of America

FATHER: William Cummings Harrison

MOTHER: Martha Adella Seeley

NAME: Nelson Brown Harrison

BIRTH: 06 Dec 1884 Schuyler, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 1 January 1967 Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas, USA

FATHER: Elisha Shelton Harrison

MOTHER: Edith Jane Irwin

NAME: Nelson Harrison

BIRTH: 1873 Dukinfield, Cheshire, England

DEATH: 13 Dec 1946 Lancashire, England

FATHER: James Harrison

MOTHER: Elizabeth Ann Harrison

NAME: Nelson Newby Harrison

BIRTH: abt 1876 Camden, North Carolina, United States

DEATH: 30 Jan 1947 Camden, Camden, North Carolina, United States

FATHER: Sidney Harrison

MOTHER: Sarah Jane Newby

NAME: Nelson Harrison

BIRTH: 1 Jun 1899 South Carolina

DEATH: Jan 1978 Mc Cormick, Mccormick, South Carolina, USA

FATHER: Augustus "Gus" Harrison

MOTHER: Sophie Sheppard

NAME: Nelson Ernest Harrison

BIRTH: 11 Jan 1893 East Orange, New Jersey

DEATH: Sep 1968 Normandy Beach, Ocean, New Jersey, United States of America

FATHER: Joseph Harrison

MOTHER: Mary Jane Elizabeth Brewster

NAME: Nelson Harrison

BIRTH: 1863 York, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 23 Apr 1910 Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois

FATHER: John Harrison

MOTHER: Hannah Gates

NAME: Nelson D Harrison

BIRTH: 1857 Danville, Vermilion, Illinois, United States

DEATH: 1923

FATHER: William Harrison

MOTHER: Esther Ann Dunlap

NAME: Nelson James Harrison

BIRTH: ? 06 Feb 1774 (or 1770) Howden, Yorkshire, England (Ireland

DEATH: Not Available before 1857

FATHER: George Harrison

MOTHER: Ann Robinson

NAME: Nelson Thomas Harrison

BIRTH: 21 May 1896 Sanilac County, Michigan, United States of America

DEATH: 4 June 1942 Elkland Township, Tuscola County, Michigan, United States of America

FATHER: William Nelson Harrison

MOTHER: Margaret C Pinkerton

NAME: Nelson Harrison

BIRTH: 18 Jul 1900 Stanhope Parish, Durham, England

DEATH: Mar 1974 Cleveland, Yorkshire North Riding, England

FATHER: Thomas Harrison

MOTHER: Mary Ann Philipson

NAME: Nelson Harrison

BIRTH: 1836 Ontario, Canada

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Joshua Harrison


NAME: Nelson Harrison

BIRTH: November 1850 Bowling Green, Clay County, Indiana

DEATH: 26 April 1915 Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois

FATHER: Robert Harrison

MOTHER: Lucinda Lucy Rose

NAME: Nelson C Harrison

BIRTH: Jul 1850 Caton, Steuben, New York

DEATH: 27 December 1921 Caton, Steuben, New York, United States

FATHER: Jesse Harrison

MOTHER: Mercy R Wheatcroft

NAME: Nelson Ernest Harrison

BIRTH: 20 Jul 1926 Orange, NJ

DEATH: 8 Mar 2010 Livingston, Essex, New Jersey

FATHER: Nelson Ernest Harrison

MOTHER: Frieda Katrina Jurgensen

NAME: Nelson Harrison

BIRTH: 19.01.1902 Guisborough, England, United Kingdom

DEATH: 1970 Bradford, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

FATHER: William Thomas Harrison

MOTHER: Sarah Park

NAME: Nelson B. Harrison

BIRTH: January 3, 1915 Brunswick, Glynn, Georgia, United States

DEATH: April 10, 1997 Brunswick, Glynn, Georgia, United States

FATHER: John Washington Harrison

MOTHER: Alice Adele Reeves

NAME: Nelson Harrison

BIRTH: abt 1886 Illinois

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Cornelius C Harrison

MOTHER: Caroline Italy Young

NAME: Nelson William Harrison

BIRTH: abt 1877 Rock, Worcestershire, England

DEATH: 6 Nov 1961 Evesham, Worcestershire, England

FATHER: William Charles Harrison

MOTHER: Mary Beman