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Name: Minnie Patterson

Birth: abt 1882 Iowa

Death: 9 Aug 1930 Dallas County, Iowa, USA

Father: Francis Asbury Gibbs

Mother: Doil Abigail Shaklee

Name: Minnie F Patterson

Birth: 1 May 1886 Berezdov, Volhynia, Ukraine

Death: 1973 Hendersonville, NC

Father: Morris Pilchman Fred

Mother: Rachel Bycov - Bekoff - Bicoff

Name: Minnie Ellen Patterson

Birth: 8 Dec 1881 Madison, Alabama, USA

Death: Jul 1976 Maryville, Blount, Tennessee

Father: John Sanford Patterson

Mother: Catherine Rebecca Blair

Name: Minnie Patterson

Birth: abt 1872 Illinois

Death: 8 Feb 1958 Los Angeles

Father: Wiley Forrest Tincher

Mother: Sarah Anderson

Name: Minnie M Patterson

Birth: 1 December 1868 Forrestville, Clayton County, Iowa, USA

Death: 5 Nov 1948 Santa Rosa, Sonoma, California, USA

Father: John Andrew Patterson

Mother: Francis M Davis

Name: Minnie Mae Patterson

Birth: September 15, 1921 Waco, TX

Death: 24 Nov 1944 Dalla, Dallas County, Texas

Father: Lowery Edward Patterson

Mother: Oma Mae Ryno

Name: Minnie Mabel Patterson

Birth: 27 Jan 1877 Alabama

Death: 6 Jul 1950 Oklahoma, USA

Father: John Burkett Patterson

Mother: Mary Jane Johnson

Name: Minnie L Patterson

Birth: 1912 Yazoo Co.Mississippi

Death: 31 May 1997 Kings Daughters Hospital, Yazoo City, Yazoo, Mississippi, USA

Father: Wade Hampton Patterson

Mother: Alice Dorah Brown

Name: Minnie RUTH Patterson

Birth: July 10, 1897 Missouri, USA

Death: 1 Jan 1973 Illinois

Father: Thomas Lee Boles

Mother: Cerena Adeline Snowden

Name: Minnie Patterson

Birth: 27 Jul 1879 GA

Death: 30 Nov 1953 Law Co, AL Buried Montgomery Cem, Law Co, AL

Father: Charles Patterson

Mother: Malissa Adeline Mason

Name: Minnie L Patterson

Birth: 18 November 1897 Florida

Death: 25 APR 1984 , Duval, Florida


Mother: Annie Laura Mays

Name: Minnie Patterson

Birth: August 28, 1906 Raleigh, Smith Cty, MS

Death: June 17, 2001 Collins, Covington, Mississippi, USA

Father: Jacob Singleton Ainsworth

Mother: Albanie Bonnie Arender

Name: Minnie B Patterson

Birth: abt 1887 Texas

Death: 11/1/1953 Tulare, California

Father: William A Balmain

Mother: Martha Owen

Name: Minnie Jewell Patterson

Birth: 20 Sep 1908 Texas, USA

Death: 23 May 1978 Weatherford, Parker, Texas, USA

Father: James Arthur Patterson

Mother: Era May Browder

Name: Minnie Patterson

Birth: Jul 1889 Texas, United States

Death: 30 Aug 1951 Big Springs, Howard, Texas, United States

Father: Theodore Buck Gilbert

Mother: Lessie Ella Light

Name: Minnie J Patterson

Birth: 9 Jun 1865 Pennsylvania

Death: 7 DEC 1942 Morris, Washington, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Robert Litle

Mother: Mary Ashbrook

Name: Minnie Myrtle Patterson

Birth: Jan 10, 1887 Dime Box, Lee, TX, USA

Death: Sept 15, 1943 Manvel, Brazoria County, Texas

Father: Andrew D Williams

Mother: Margurite Brock

Name: Minnie L Patterson

Birth: 30 Apr 1881 Mimphis, Clay, TN, USA

Death: 1954 Waxahachie, Ellis, Texas, USA

Father: William Edward Vick

Mother: Mollie Loucresia Bennett

Name: Minnie Patterson

Birth: 25 Sep 1904 Scott, Tennessee, United States

Death: 2 Jun 1975 Oak Ridge, Anderson, Tennessee, USA

Father: Luther Sharp Gibson

Mother: Rosa Gibson

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