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Name: Mary J. Humphrey

Birth: abt 1876 Pennsylvania

Death: 10 Jul 1945 At home, Stoneboro, Mercer Co., PA

Father: Edward H. Humphrey

Mother: Eliza Jane Judy

Name: Mary Louise Humphrey

Birth: 11 Aug 1847 New York City,New York

Death: 1926 Pomona, Los Angeles County, California, United States of America

Father: George Michael De Lanoy

Mother: Elizabeth Taylor

Name: Mary Humphrey

Birth: 3 September 1833 Kentucky

Death: 8 July 1901 Pine City, Whitman County, Washington

Father: Richard W Humphrey

Mother: Jane Nay

Name: Mary Humphrey

Birth: 1 Jan 1748 Tarring, Sussex, England

Death: after 1790 Amberley, Sussex, England

Father: William Humphrey

Mother: Mary Rich

Name: Mary Humphrey

Birth: 15 May 1835 Butler Co. PA

Death: 14 Oct 1909 Nodaway Co. MO

Father: Harvey Humphreys

Mother: Elsie Douglass

Name: Mary Humphrey

Birth: 3 September 1891 Texas

Death: 21 March 1986 Memphis, Hall, Texas, USA

Father: David Henry Humphreys

Mother: Ellen Martha Bateman (Humphreys)

Name: Mary Emily Humphrey

Birth: 17 February 1869 St George Hanover Square, London

Death: August 9, 1956 Santa Cruz Co., California

Father: John Taylor

Mother: Charlotte Jane Gowen

Name: Mary Isabella Humphrey

Birth: 30 Mar 1875 Sunderland, Durham, England

Death: Dec 1957 Durham North Western, Durham, England

Father: John Todd

Mother: Isabella Carr

Name: Mary Jo Humphrey

Birth: 1 Dec 1933 Belmont, Belmont, Ohio

Death: 20 Sep 1999 Circleville, Pickaway, Ohio

Father: George E Humphrey

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Fetherhoff

Name: Mary Esther Humphrey

Birth: January 1863 Hadlow, Kent, England

Death: 1927 Newton, Harvey, Kansas, USA

Father: Thomas Humphrey

Mother: Sarah Ann Ring

Name: Mary B Humphrey

Birth: 17 Apr 1900 Barkhamsted, Connecticut

Death: 10 Feb 1990 Granby, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Father: Burton Wolcott Humphrey

Mother: Grace Eliza Barlow

Name: Mary Summers Humphrey

Birth: 6 September 1873 Kentucky, United States of America

Death: 29 May 1957 Carlisle County, Kentucky, USA

Father: Burr Humphrey

Mother: Lydia Ann Humphrey

Name: Mary E. Humphrey

Birth: MAR 1871 Indiana

Death: 14 Mar 1957 Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA

Father: Thomas S Humphrey

Mother: Sarah A Marlin

Name: Mary Jane Humphrey

Birth: 4 Aug 1833 Burke, North Carolina, United States

Death: 25 Dec 1881 Maryville, Blount, Tennessee, United States

Father: John Humphris

Mother: Kizziah M. Souther

Name: Mary Humphrey

Birth: BEF. 25 DEC 1780 Portsea, Hampshire, England

Death: Aft 1852 Portsea Island, Portsmouth, England

Father: Richard Warner

Mother: Mary Ann Edwards

Name: Mary Louise Humphrey

Birth: Oct 1849 New York

Death: 14 December 1919 Cochecton, Sullivan County, New York, United States of America

Father: George Humphrey

Mother: Anna Litton

Name: Mary Ann Humphrey

Birth: 1895 Iowa

Death: 9 Aug 1977 Ravalli, Montana, USA

Father: William Henry Humphrey

Mother: Jane Ann Cooper


Birth: 1828 Whilton, Northamptonshire

Death: 2 May 1922 Surrey, England

Father: Thomas HUMPHREY

Mother: Charlotte Butlin

Name: Mary Maxine Humphrey

Birth: 07 Oct 1918 Sabetha, Nemaha, Kansas, USA

Death: 27 Nov 1990 Inglewood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Edgar Bruce Humphrey

Mother: Bertie Mae Hurst

Name: Mary A.M. Humphrey

Birth: 17 Feb 1845 North Carolina, USA

Death: 25 Jul 1909 Ogden, New Hanover County, North Carolina, USA

Father: Barney Humphrey

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Humphrey Gurganus

Name: Mary Humphrey Humphrey

Birth: 11 Aug 1872 Dresden, Germany

Death: June 4 1925 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Father: Henry Correll Humphrey

Mother: Florence Bowers Thurston

Name: Mary Jane Humphrey

Birth: Dec 1881 Canada

Death: 6 Jan 1972 Huron County, Michigan, USA

Father: David Earl Humphrey

Mother: Agnes Robertson

Name: Mary A Humphrey

Birth: Abt 1846 Tennessee

Death: 3 Oct 1927 Saint Francis, Arkansas

Father: John Humphreys

Mother: Jane "Jennie" Weaver - Humphrey

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