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Results for "martha patterson"

Name: Martha Jane PAtterson

Birth: 25 Dec 1871 Georgia

Death: 21 April 1912 Cortez, Montezuma, Colorado, United States

Father: Nathan Cicero Patterson

Mother: Rhoda Jane Spears

Name: Martha Ann PATTERSON

Birth: 3 May 1850 Leon, Texas, United States

Death: 5 MAY 1893 Jacksboro, TX (Jack Co.)

Father: John Melton Patterson

Mother: Mary Browning

Name: Martha J Patterson

Birth: 25 Feb 1865 Henderson County, North Carolina

Death: 26 Apr 1950 Union Bleachery, Greenville County, South Carolina

Father: John A Patterson

Mother: Nancy Ann Hamilton

Name: Martha Lucinda PATTERSON

Birth: Nov 23 1853 Arkansas

Death: 06 MAR 1941 Honey Grove, Fannin, Texas, United States

Father: Edmund Patterson

Mother: Annie Lyday Annie

Name: Martha Patterson

Birth: 12 August 1854 Gordonsville, Smith County, Tennessee, United States of America

Death: 8 Apr 1933 Berkley, Alameda, California

Father: Hiram Shelah Patterson

Mother: Mary Meridian Amonett

Name: Martha ann Patterson

Birth: 12 sep 1824 North Carolina

Death: 17 may 1901 Bristol, Gloucestershire

Father: Archibald James Patterson

Mother: Mary Taylor

Name: Martha E Patterson

Birth: 16 Nov 1882 Tennessee

Death: 9 Dec 1965 Tennessee

Father: Thomas David Patterson

Mother: Aurora Ricksena Patterson

Name: Martha * PATTERSON

Birth: 31 Aug 1809 Fairfield, South Carolina, United States

Death: 26 Jan 1890 Blackstock, Chester, South Carolina, USA

Father: Robert Patterson

Mother: Sarah Jane Kilpatrick

Name: Martha M Patterson

Birth: 22 jan 1836 Henniker, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA

Death: 17 Apr 1898 North Reading, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Daniel H Patterson

Mother: Hannah Morse

Name: Martha Phebe Patterson

Birth: Jul 1846 Rockbridge County, Virginia, USA

Death: 23 Mar 1920 Rockbridge, Virginia, United States

Father: Robert Tate Patterson

Mother: Mary M Gold

Name: Martha Elizabeth Patterson

Birth: Aug 1843 Alabama

Death: 4 May 1927 Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas, United States of America

Father: Fleming Patterson

Mother: Lucy NORWOOD

Name: Martha Earnestine Patterson

Birth: 03 Aug 1923 Alabama, United States

Death: 28 Nov 2004 Vincent, Shelby, Alabama, USA

Father: Samuel Marcus Patterson

Mother: Exa Short

Name: Martha Patterson

Birth: 10 May 1891 Lawrenceton, Ste Genevieve, Missouri, USA

Death: 8 Jun 1982 St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri

Father: John Wesley Patterson

Mother: Clara Elsba Thurman

Name: Martha Julia Patterson

Birth: 27 APR 1919 Geneva County , Al.

Death: 13 Oct 1996 Orlando, Orange County, Florida, USA

Father: Columbus (Buddy) Lonzo

Mother: Nancy Elizabeth Newton

Name: Martha Patterson

Birth: 25 Oct 1846 Oak Ridge, Meriwether, Georgia

Death: 21 April 1913 Meriwether, Georgia

Father: George Washington Patterson

Mother: Cynthia Morris

Name: Martha Letitia Patterson

Birth: 16 Sep 1856 Glover, VT

Death: 14 Jul 1939 Craftsbury, Vermont, USA

Father: Isaac Thomas Patterson

Mother: Jeanette Calderwood

Name: Martha A Patterson

Birth: 22 July 1848 Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, United States of America

Death: 22 Aug 1926 Ste Genevieve County, Missouri

Father: James Patterson

Mother: Nancy Williams Holcombe

Name: Martha Patterson

Birth: 23 Nov 1895 Colorado

Death: 9 Nov 1976 Los Angeles

Father: Archibald Hamilton Patterson

Mother: Martha TOPPING

Name: Martha McCune Patterson

Birth: 8 Dec 1858 Ohio

Death: 24 Mar 1940 California, United States

Father: James Newton Patterson

Mother: Maria Lucinda Mccune...

Name: Martha Pearl Patterson

Birth: 25 January 1880 Benton County, Arkansas, United States

Death: 1966 Benton, Arkansas, USA

Father: Napoleon Bonapart Patterson

Mother: Martha Huffman Patterson

Name: Martha Patterson

Birth: 29 Jul 1859 Rio Frio, Uvalde, Texas, United States

Death: 12 May 1959 South San Gabriel, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Judge Patterson

Mother: Lucy Ann Dollahite Patterson

Name: Martha Patterson

Birth: 23 Jul 1878 Independence, Washington County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: abt 1950 Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio

Father: William Patterson

Mother: Cassie Proctor

Name: Martha Patterson

Birth: 1 Nov 1845 Indiana, USA

Death: 19 Mar 1904 Wayne County,IN

Father: John Patterson

Mother: Delilah Beeson

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