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Results for "martha garrett"

Name: Martha Etta Garrett

Birth: 11 Apr 1880 Alabama, USA

Death: 06 Jun 1958 Edna, JACKSON, Tx

Father: Matthew Soloman Garrett

Mother: Alice Clementine Smith

Name: Martha Garrett

Birth: 31 Aug 1885 Fannin County, Georgia, USA

Death: 12 NOV 1940 Ellijay GA

Father: John M Garrett

Mother: Martha E Baugh

Name: Martha E Garrett

Birth: 5 May 1908 Georgia, USA

Death: 28 February 1998 Blairsville, Union, Georgia, USA

Father: John Nelson Seabolt

Mother: Rebecca Grizzle

Name: Martha GARRETT

Birth: 12 May 1869 Butler's Landing, Clay County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 25 Aug 1960 Eddy, Carlsbad NM

Father: William Carroll Garrett

Mother: Martha Jo Rich (Garrett)

Name: Martha Maria Garrett

Birth: 15 July 1839 Ohio, United States of America

Death: 22 April 1914 Liberty, Union County, Indiana, United States of America

Father: Dempsey Garrett

Mother: Rebecca Pope (Garrett)

Name: Martha Elsie Garrett

Birth: 12 Nov 1854 Howell County, Missouri, USA

Death: 29 Apr 1939 Nowetta, Nowetta, Missouri, USA

Father: Paul Jacob Garrett

Mother: Mary Jane CHAPIN

Name: Martha Garrett

Birth: 20 Apr 1839 Laurence Co., S. C.

Death: 16 Jan 1926 Forsyth, Georgia, USA

Father: John Garrett

Mother: Eunace Manicy Owings

Name: Martha Ann Garrett

Birth: 09 Sep 1848 Pennsylvania

Death: 15 March 1908 Hollidaysburg, Blair, Pennsylvania

Father: Isaac Hershberger

Mother: Isabella Ramage

Name: Martha Ann Garrett

Birth: 30 Sep 1859 Hunt County, Texas

Death: 30 Jan 1941 Wayne, Wayne, Michigan, United States

Father: John Hartwell Garrett

Mother: Mary E Chumney

Name: Martha Ann Garrett

Birth: 21 April 1848 Fannin County, Georgia, USA

Death: 1880 Hemptown, Fannin, Georgia, USA

Father: James Garrett

Mother: Susannah Mashburn

Name: Martha Evelyn Garrett

Birth: Jun 1849 Virginia

Death: 29 Oct 1921 Essex, Virginia, USA

Father: Silas Strawn Garrett

Mother: Rosa Anne Bates

Name: Martha Ann. Garrett

Birth: 25 Oct 1860 Hilton, Dorset, England

Death: 26 Jun 1940 Dorchester, Dorset, England

Father: John Garrett

Mother: Jane Drake

Name: Martha E Garrett

Birth: 03 Dec 1895 Fate, Rockwall, Texas, USA

Death: 26 Apr 1984 Rockwall, Texas, USA

Father: Elija Jefferson Garrett

Mother: Evalina Sophrona Smith

Name: Martha J Garrett

Birth: 18 May 1881 Towns County, Georgia

Death: 03 May 1967 Gastonia, Gaston, North Carolina

Father: James Garrett

Mother: Amanda Burrell

Name: Martha M. Garrett

Birth: 7 Nov 1917 Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA

Death: 16 Aug 2010 Americus, Sumter, Georgia, USA

Father: Edgar Niall MacAulay

Mother: Nell Corbene Cowan

Name: Martha Alice Garrett

Birth: 15 Mar 1869 NC

Death: 18 Jan 1953 Humboldt, Gibson, Tennessee

Father: Thomas Jefferson Garrett

Mother: Lucinda J Baldridge

Name: Martha Fannie Garrett

Birth: 07 Jan 1910 Caddo Bryan County, Oklahoma

Death: 6 Jan 1998 Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana

Father: William Maston Kennedy

Mother: Rosa (Rose) Holland

Name: Martha Glover Garrett

Birth: 12 Mar 1837 Portland, Callaway, Missouri, United States

Death: 18 Apr 1918 Lone Oak, Hunt, Texas, USA

Father: Elijah Garrett

Mother: Martha Glover

Name: Martha Eleanor Garrett

Birth: 29 Nov 1920 South Carolina

Death: 27 Oct 1955 Cannon Memorial Park, Fountain Inn, SC

Father: James Lonzo Garrett

Mother: Fannie C Thomason

Name: Martha Garrett

Birth: Jan 1860 Missouri

Death: 9 JUL 1928 Bonner Springs, Wyandotte, Kansas, United States

Father: John E. Langston

Mother: Samantha Ann Evans

Name: Martha Garrett

Birth: 20 Jan 1863 , Saunders Co, Nebraska

Death: 16 Nov 1926 Diller, Nebraska

Father: John GARRETT

Mother: Mary Ann Hiatt

Name: Martha Garrett

Birth: Mar 1853 Blairsville South, Union, Georgia, USA

Death: 21 February 1928 Grandfield, Tillman County, Oklahoma, USA

Father: WIlliam James Garrett

Mother: Mary Mashburn

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