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Name: Marie Estelle Vaughn

Birth: 05 JUN 1898 Caldwell, Canyon, Idaho, USA

Death: March 1987 Loma Linda, San Bernardino, California, USA

Father: Robert Columbus Vaughn

Mother: Charlotte MONDER-Fuller-VAUGHN-STONEMAN

Name: Marie Kathlyn Vaughn

Birth: abt 1899 Illinois

Death: 23 June 1980 Rochelle, Ogle, Illinois, USA

Father: William James Vaughn

Mother: Agnes Veronica Daley

Name: Marie Vaughn

Birth: May 1894 Montana

Death: 26 Dec 1965 Ravalli, Montana, USA

Father: Madison I Vaughn

Mother: Popham

Name: Marie Vaughn

Birth: abt 1894 Virginia

Death: 26 Oct 1951 Virginia

Father: Julian Hamilton Vaughan

Mother: Emma H Vaugham

Name: Marie Maude Vaughn

Birth: 7 August 1890 Missouri

Death: 1 November 1970 St. Joseph City, Buchanan, Missouri

Father: William Hart Vaughn

Mother: Mary Jane Brown

Name: Marie Gladys Vaughn

Birth: 17 Mar 1932 Henderson, North Carolina

Death: 2011 Rome, Floyd, Georgia, USA

Father: Charles Ligon Vaughn

Mother: Pansy Hughey

Name: Marie E Vaughn

Birth: 27 June 1923 Altoona, Blair, Pennsylvania

Death: 16 Feb 2017 Florida

Father: Verner Cook Vaughn

Mother: Mary M STAHL

Name: Marie Rosa Vaughn

Birth: 12 Apr 1920 Tennessee

Death: 1 Feb 2004 Cleveland, Bradley, Tennessee, USA

Father: Lonnie Abraham Prince

Mother: Bessie Neoma Howell

Name: Marie Estelle Vaughn

Birth: 23 Apr 1928 Floyd, Virginia

Death: 31 Jan 2007 Willis, Floyd, Virginia

Father: Bethel Martin Vaughan

Mother: Laura Emma Harris


Birth: 02 APR 1916 Agusta, Georgia

Death: 11 JUL 2004 Los Angeles, California

Father: Perry Vaughn

Mother: Stella (Estella) Biggs

Name: Marie M Vaughn

Birth: 1904 New York

Death: 1968 Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Timothy Thomas Vaughan

Mother: Winifred Downey

Name: Marie Evelyn Vaughn

Birth: 16 Oct 1914 Washington

Death: 19 Jul 2007 O'Brien, Josephine, Oregon, USA

Father: Albert Vaughn

Mother: Mabel Eva Vaughn

Name: Marie J VAUGHN

Birth: 2 Nov 1909 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA

Death: 3 Jun 2001 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA

Father: James Martin Vaughn

Mother: Marie Murphy

Name: Marie L Vaughn

Birth: Jun 1895 South Carolina

Death: 1980

Father: Joseph Marshall Vaughn

Mother: Emma Woodson

Name: Marie Alvila VAUGHN

Birth: 1 MAR 1865 Pierre Part, Assumption Parish, Plattenville, LA


Father: Philin Vaughn

Mother: Rosina Rogere

Name: Marie Vaughn

Birth: 21 Mar 1918 Hickman, Kentucky

Death: 21 Jul 1998 McCracken, Kentucky

Father: Ernest Wayne Vaughn

Mother: Essie Lambert

Name: Marie O Vaughn

Birth: 28 Sep 1928 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Death: 2 December 2010 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Father: Leemon Vaughn

Mother: Sophie Bolden

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