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Name: Lucy Richardson

Birth: 28 May 1906 North Carolina

Death: 27 Jul 1975 Enfield, Halifax, North Carolina, USA

Father: Henry Richardson

Mother: Betty Rosana Lynch

Name: Lucy Ellen Richardson

Birth: 8 Dec 1851 Griswold, Connecticut

Death: 9 Mar 1922 Preston, Connecticut

Father: William Robinson Richardson

Mother: Lucy Ann Dawley

Name: lucy g richardson

Birth: 30 Sep 1871 Cannon County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 03 Dec 1930 Shelbyville, Bedford County, TN USA

Father: William Richardson

Mother: Martha A Smith

Name: Lucy F Richardson

Birth: Abt 1869 North Carolina

Death: 24 Oct 1954 Walnut Cove, Stokes, North Carolina

Father: Richard Flynt Richardson

Mother: Susan Frances Allen

Name: Lucy A Richardson

Birth: 1858 Tippecanoe County, Indiana

Death: 09 Jan 1896 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri

Father: Stephen M Richardson

Mother: Lucinda D Morrow

Name: Lucy Lucille Richardson

Birth: 15 Feb 1904 Florida

Death: 1994 Suwannee Cty., Fl

Father: Wade Hampton Richardson

Mother: Elizabeth Sandford

Name: Lucy Lee Richardson

Birth: 1861 Moore, North Carolina, USA

Death: 1942 Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina, USA

Father: William Brantley Richardson

Mother: Margaret Ann Barrett

Name: Lucy Mae Richardson

Birth: 6 Feb 1883 Marysville.Marshall Center, Marshall, Kansas

Death: 20 May 1971 Hill City, Graham, Kansas, USA

Father: William George Richardson

Mother: Mary Dexter

Name: Lucy Pearl Richardson

Birth: abt 1906 Tennessee

Death: Feb 1983 Greeneville, Greene, Tennessee, USA

Father: John W Richardson

Mother: Anna Ruble

Name: Lucy May Richardson

Birth: 22 Aug 1885 Maryland

Death: Apr 1967 Salisbury, Wicomico, Maryland, United States of America

Father: William Jones Richardson

Mother: Rebecca E Godfrey/Richardson

Name: Lucy Ruth Richardson

Birth: November 25, 1920 North Carolina

Death: March 14, 2010 Castalia, Nash, North Carolina

Father: Ollie Richardson

Mother: Lucy J Evans

Name: Lucy Irene Richardson

Birth: 7 Mar 1875 Broughton, Hamilton County, Illinois, USA

Death: 7 Jul 1942 East Saint Louis, St Clair, Illinois, USA

Father: Thomas Baker Richardson

Mother: Irene Marinda Jamerson

Name: Lucy Richardson

Birth: May 1848 Anderson County, Texas, USA

Death: 21 December 1930 or 1900 Waco, McLennan County, Texas, USA

Father: Louis Richardson

Mother: Lucy Darnell

Name: Lucy Ann Richardson

Birth: 2 Jan 1850 North Carolina

Death: 4 Apr 1913 Camden County, North Carolina, USA

Father: John (Jack?) Richardson

Mother: Lucendia "Sinny" Richardson

Name: Lucy Richardson

Birth: 14 Oct 1888 Kentucky

Death: 08 Jul 1972 Blue Ridge, Collin, Texas

Father: John Frederick Pitman

Mother: Elizabeth B Muse

Name: Lucy Frances Richardson

Birth: 06 Apr 1829 Virginia, United States of America

Death: 25 Nov 1922 Red Willow County, Nebraska, United States of America

Father: Peter Creager

Mother: Fanny Pratt

Name: Lucy L Richardson

Birth: Jun 1881 Virginia, USA

Death: 16 Jul 1956 California

Father: Charles Oscar Richerson

Mother: Lydia Elizabeth Patterson

Name: Lucy Richardson

Birth: 1821 Gayton Le Marsh, Lincolnshire, England

Death: 27 Feb 1904 Louth, Lincolnshire, England

Father: William Richardson

Mother: Mary Broddle

Name: Lucy Ann Richardson

Birth: 10 Feb 1836 Ripley County, Indiana, USA

Death: Aug 20, 1917 Shelbyville, Shelby, Indiana, USA

Father: James R Richardson

Mother: Kitturah Whitley

Name: Lucy Richardson

Birth: 27 July 1846 Wayne, Indiana, USA

Death: 26 January 1917 Preston, Jasper County, Missouri, United States of America

Father: Aaron Richardson

Mother: Priscilla Hoover

Name: Lucy Charlotte RICHARDSON

Birth: 22 Sep 1864 Ada, Idaho, USA

Death: 30 Jul 1946 Jerome County, Idaho, USA

Father: John Murray Richardson

Mother: Caroline Hawkins Yarde

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