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Name: Jane Blair RICHARDSON

Birth: 10 Mar 1858 of Mountain Twp, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Death: 27 August 1923 Drayton, North Dakota

Father: Robert Richardson

Mother: Robert Baker RICHARDSON

Name: Jane Richardson

Birth: 03/17/1889 Waverly, Minn.

Death: 6/11/1969 Mpls., Minn.

Father: Charles William Richardson

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Buehl

Name: Jane Catharine RICHARDSON

Birth: 1818 Hackney St Paul, England

Death: 10 Mar 1884 Clare S.a.

Father: Benjamin Richardson (Gardener)

Mother: Ann Maria Freeman

Name: Jane E Richardson

Birth: 15 Oct 1843 Union, North Carolina, United States

Death: 6 Oct 1912 Union, North Carolina, United States

Father: Mason J Richardson

Mother: Emeline Belk

Name: Jane Annie Richardson

Birth: Abt. 1886 Durham, Durham

Death: 1951 Durham Eastern, England

Father: John Thomas Richardson ✓

Mother: Sarah Jane Paddon/Moir✓

Name: Jane Richardson

Birth: abt 1849 Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England

Death: Jun 1925 6d 622 Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England

Father: Joseph Richardson

Mother: Elizabeth Richardson

Name: Jane Richardson

Birth: 4 Jan 1869 Sunderland, Durham, England

Death: 4 Dec 1910 Sunderland, Co. Durham

Father: William Wilson Richardson

Mother: Mary Ann Metcalfe

Name: Jane Richardson

Birth: abt 1844 Blyth, Northumberland, England

Death: 28 Feb 1929 Tynemouth, Northumberland, England

Father: John Richardson

Mother: Margaret Ann Blair

Name: Jane Richardson

Birth: 1815 Hastings, Sussex, England

Death: 17 June 1899 Hastings

Father: William Richardson

Mother: Elizabeth Phillips

Name: Jane Richardson

Birth: Oct 13, 1912 Mounds, Pulaski County, Illinois

Death: 1973 St Louis, MO

Father: Leon Gambetta Richardson

Mother: Ethel Davis

Name: Jane Richardson

Birth: 20 Oct 1840 Church Lane, Whitechapel, London, England

Death: Mar 1900 London, Surrey, England

Father: Joseph Richardson

Mother: Ann Hole

Name: Jane Ball Richardson

Birth: 14 Apr 1922 New Jersey

Death: 13 Feb 1979 Kitty Hawk, Dare, North Carolina, USA

Father: George Miller Richardson

Mother: Ethel Levenia Dubois

Name: Jane (Agnes) Richardson

Birth: 13 Jul 1843 Ontario, Canada

Death: 3 Aug 1921 Bon Homme, South Dakota, USA

Father: James Richardson

Mother: Mary Weightman

Name: Jane Lousia Richardson

Birth: 28 Aug 1864 Guildford, Surrey, England

Death: 13 Dec 1934 78 Elthorne Avenue, Hanwell, Middlesex

Father: Richard Heather

Mother: Charlotte Standing

Name: Jane Richardson

Birth: May 1857 Indiana

Death: june 7, 1902 Fountain County, Indiana, USA

Father: Benjamin J Richardson

Mother: Elizabeth Richardson

Name: Jane Richardson

Birth: 1840 Fittleworth, Sussex, England

Death: 31 Mar 1915 Sussex, United Kingdom

Father: William Richardson

Mother: Elizabeth Standon

Name: Jane Richardson

Birth: 1858 Westmorland

Death: July 1891 Kendal, Westmorland



Name: Jane Richardson

Birth: 27 May 1813 Ohio

Death: 20 January 1893 Knox, Illinois

Father: Henry George Richardson

Mother: Martha McKibben

Name: Jane Richardson

Birth: 1 Oct 1877 England

Death: 26 June 1951 Peckville, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: James Richardson

Mother: Jane Burton Tinsdale

Name: Jane Richardson

Birth: 1862 Carrickfergus, Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Death: 27 January 1949 Plum Tree Cottage, Nun Monkton

Father: John Gilmore

Mother: Jane McGarrell

Name: Jane Richardson

Birth: abt 1794 Edinburgh, Midlothian

Death: BET 1851 AND 1861 Edinburgh St Cuthberts, MLN, SCT

Father: Thomas RUSSELL

Mother: Janet ADAMSON


Birth: 18 March 1841 Smiths Falls, Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Death: MAR 1921 Charles City, Floyd Co, Iowa

Father: James Wiltse

Mother: Almira ABERNATHY

Name: Jane Hornsby Richardson

Birth: 9th October 1864 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England

Death: 6th March 1928 Hayton Town Head, Cumberland, England

Father: William Taylor Richardson

Mother: Elizabeth Hornsby

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