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NAME: Jane Halverson

BIRTH: 13 Sept 1853 Wisconsin

DEATH: 13 Jul 1922 Seattle, King County, Washington, USA

FATHER: Hendrik Henry Halverson

MOTHER: Margit "Margaret" Olsdatter

NAME: Jane Halverson

BIRTH: 2 Jul 1834 Ringsaker, Hedmark, Norway

DEATH: 04 Feb 1905 La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin

FATHER: Halvor Johnson

MOTHER: Pernille Halvorson Johanesdatter

NAME: Jane Francis. Halverson

BIRTH: Mar 12, 1920 Black River Falls, Jackscon County, Wisconsin

DEATH: Apr 14, 2005 Bangor, La Crosse, Wisconsin

FATHER: Harold E Halverson

MOTHER: Ruth M Stoker

NAME: Jane Emiline Halvorson Halverson

BIRTH: 15 August 1917 Wind Lake, Racine County, Wisconsin, United States of America

DEATH: 26 March 1999 La Crosse, La Crosse County, Wisconsin, United States of America

FATHER: John Oscar Halvorson

MOTHER: Emma M Johnson

NAME: Jane M Halverson

BIRTH: 22 Jul 1920 Minesota

DEATH: 14 Dec 1998 Mountain View, Santa Clara, California, United States of America

FATHER: Oscar Halverson

MOTHER: Delina Halverson

NAME: Jane Merion Halverson

BIRTH: 3 April 1927 Chicago, IL

DEATH: 3 April 1927 Chicago, IL

FATHER: Harold Melvin Halverson

MOTHER: Lina Charlotte Hoerger

NAME: Jane Halverson

BIRTH: 3 May 1940 Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

DEATH: 1988 Longmont, Boulder, Colorado, USA

FATHER: Charles Halverson

MOTHER: Jane Halverson

NAME: Jane Halverson

BIRTH: 1882 Wisconsin

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Andrew Halverson

MOTHER: Marit Halvorson

NAME: Jane "Jennie" Halverson

BIRTH: Feb 1862 Wisconsin

DEATH: 1945 Dodgeville, Iowa, Wisconsin, USA

FATHER: Hans Clement Halvorsen

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Jane Helen Halverson



FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private