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NAME: James Henry Harper

BIRTH: 24 Mar 1871 Coundon Gate, Durham, England

DEATH: 17 Jul 1942 13 Windsor Terrace, Felling, England, United Kingdom

FATHER: William Harper

MOTHER: Jane Ann Harper

NAME: James Harper

BIRTH: 05 Feb 1767 Virginia, USA

DEATH: 15 Jun 1852 South Hillsdale, Helt Township, Vermillion, Indiana

FATHER: John Harper

MOTHER: Jean Jane Logan

NAME: James Harper

BIRTH: 1826 Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 23 Jan 1884 Connecticut, USA

FATHER: James Harper

MOTHER: Elizabeth Black

NAME: James Harrison Harper

BIRTH: 6 FEB 1838 Poseyville, Posey County, Indiana, United States of America

DEATH: 03 APR 1917 Ceralvo, Ohio County, Kentucky, United States of America

FATHER: Mathew Nathan Harper

MOTHER: Polly Hill

NAME: James Ernest Harper

BIRTH: 22 Mar 1877 Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio, USA

DEATH: 14 Dec 1958 East Liverpool, Columbiana, Ohio, USA

FATHER: Wilson W Harper

MOTHER: Jennie Cowan

NAME: James A Harper

BIRTH: 8 Apr 1840 Adams, Ohio, United States

DEATH: 14 Nov 1915 Sharpsville, Tipton, Indiana, United States

FATHER: Henry Black Harper

MOTHER: Matilda Swearingen

NAME: James Madison Harper

BIRTH: 11 Feb 1898 Trigg County, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 1 May 1990 Caldwell, Kentucky, United States

FATHER: James Madison Harper

MOTHER: Emily V. Brison

NAME: James Nish Harper

BIRTH: 03 Apr 1849 Loanhead, Midlothian, Scotland

DEATH: 1911 Gateshead, Durham, England

FATHER: William Smith Harper

MOTHER: Jean Smith

NAME: James Lewis Harper

BIRTH: 15 Sep 1873 Edwardsville (Cleburne County), Cleburne County, Alabama, USA

DEATH: 14 Jan 1948 McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: Robert Marion Harper

MOTHER: Malissa Mary. D. Hightower

NAME: James Rufus Harper

BIRTH: 27 November 1843 Mount Sterling, Brown County, Illinois, United States of America

DEATH: 14 August 1919 Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas, United States of America

FATHER: George Clude Harper

MOTHER: Harriett Kendrick

NAME: James Wesley Harper

BIRTH: 20 Nov 1857 Williamsburg, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 9 April 1940 Williamsburg Twp, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Barney John Harper

MOTHER: Ellen Sophia Rice

NAME: James H Harper

BIRTH: 6 Nov 1875 Chilicothe, Wapello, Iowa, United States

DEATH: 14 Feb 1957 Medford, Jackson, Oregon, United States

FATHER: Thomas McGinnis Harper

MOTHER: Druscilla Jane Brenton

NAME: James A Harper

BIRTH: 1769 Colleton, South Carolina, United States

DEATH: about 1849 Copiah, Mississippi

FATHER: William Solomon Harper

MOTHER: Elizabeth Bryan

NAME: James Knox Harper

BIRTH: 23 APR 1777 Waxhaw, Lancaster, South Carolina, USA

DEATH: Dec. 17, 1838 Troy, Obion, Tennessee, United States

FATHER: Benjamin Knox Harper

MOTHER: Martha Mary Knox

NAME: James Harper

BIRTH: 25 August, 1805 Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia

DEATH: 27 February, 1845 Berrima, Bong Bong, Sutton Forest, New South Wales, Australia

FATHER: William Harper

MOTHER: Margaret Morgan

NAME: James Randolph Harper

BIRTH: 21 February 1861 Montgomery, Tennessee USA

DEATH: 7 March 1945 Clarksville, Montgomery County Tennessee

FATHER: Benjamin Jerrel Harper

MOTHER: Jane R Harris

NAME: James Adam Harper

BIRTH: 1836 Wayne, Georgia, United States

DEATH: 28 Aug 1894 Georgia, United States

FATHER: James Adam Harper

MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth Smith

NAME: James Walton Harper

BIRTH: 21/06/1848 Grove City, Franklin, Ohio, USA

DEATH: 5 Jun 1936 Marion, Franklin, Ohio, USA

FATHER: Charles Harper

MOTHER: Matilda Brink

NAME: James Emanuel Harper

BIRTH: 4 Mar 1880 Fayette County,Ga

DEATH: 16 November 1946 Fayette County, Georgia, United States of America

FATHER: Robert Franklin Harper

MOTHER: Martha Alice Hoffman

NAME: James Samuel Harper

BIRTH: 1 oct 1865 Richmond, Victoria

DEATH: 16 Apr 1931 Windamere Hospital, Prahran, Victoria, Australia

FATHER: Robert Harper

MOTHER: Catherine Fogarty

NAME: James Harper

BIRTH: 2 July 1892 Crewe, Cheshire,England

DEATH: 21 Mar 1930 Ministely, Shropshire, England

FATHER: William Harper

MOTHER: Sarah A Jervis

NAME: James Wesley Harper

BIRTH: 15 Mar 1869 Augusta, GA

DEATH: 04 Sep 1920 Savannah,GA Res. 317 W. Duffy St

FATHER: James Harper

MOTHER: Frances Americus Awtry

NAME: James Edward Harper

BIRTH: 31 Jul 1877 Harper, Saint Clair, Missouri

DEATH: 25 Apr 1934 Taberville, St. Clair County, MO, USA

FATHER: John Thompson Harper

MOTHER: Mary Margaret Cassity

NAME: James Samuel Harper

BIRTH: 01/Jan/1839 Chesterville,Winchester Twp., Dundas Co., Ontario

DEATH: 24 June 1905 Chesterville, Winchester Twp, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Abraham Hopper

MOTHER: Nancy Rebecca Gale

NAME: James Otto Harper

BIRTH: 10 Apr 1894 Sweet Home, Lavaca County, Texas

DEATH: 4 Nov1963 Pasadena, Harris, Texas, USA


MOTHER: Eliza "Lila" Jane Dancer